Genevieve Nnaji Allegedly Hospitalized In USA, Fans Pray For Her

Genevieve Nnaji Allegedly Hospitalized In the USA, Fans Pray For Her

Nigerians have gone into prayer as popular Nigerian Actress Genevieve Nnaji, the information reaching us from the popular blog, gist lover that the,
The actress, producer, and director. who has been trending for some time now for allegedly deleting all her social media pictures,
was reported to be hospitalized on some mental issue,
so Fans and well-wisher uses their Twitter handles to send their prayers to her

Atarodo ˢᵀ 
My prayers are with you, Genevieve. My God stretches forth his healing hands upon you. Amen As for Gistlover you dey craze cause your write-up is what I can’t fathom. You don’t care about her mental health at all. Mtcheeewww
So last week I had this strong feeling that prayers should be made for Genevieve Nnaji and today I’m seeing she has unfollowed everyone and deleted all her pictures, please let’s say a prayer for her today in your spare time. Father, please take care of your daughter INJ Amen
Genevieve Nnaji is a Legend. No matter what happens, she remains the Queen of Nollywood. Say a prayer for her
Some of these celebrities we adore, love,look up to & set high standards for are really going through a lot behind closed doors. A lot of them are depressed. Sad to hear about Genevieve’s drug addiction & possible psychosis. Wishing her all the very best. We really all do Love her.
Anyone can be affected by mental illness. Although some people are more predisposed either by genes or lifestyle than others. I hope Genevieve gets all the help she needs and recovers soon. It’s nothing to be ashamed of
So you think the right thing to do is to bring it to social media, God almighty will pain you in your own coin, asiri ti e na o ni bo, people will bring your secret to d open and God’s mercy will not be available to cover you IJN
Foundational Nigerian 
Let’s be fair, na Genevieve’s inner circle go leak this gist, and that’s usually how journalism works. Bad news sells super fast. Though there are a thousand ways to have released this same gist without it looking like a hate virus.
Mayami K♘
Growing up, I literally modeled my life to be like

cos i had her petite shape and ageless beauty. She is and still will be my mentor and all my prayers goes out to her. She’s a strong woman and las las she go dey alright.. PS: tis is my favorite video of her

Charles Njoku
Genevieve will get well, Gistlovers will crash very soon because there won’t be peace for those who rejoice over people’s challenges
I feel so sofffor Genevieve Nnaji. One can only pray that her situation isn’t off the hook. I fear the Igbo posit; ‘Agwosia ala adighi agwo ntamu.’ I wish her the kindest; a swift recovery.
How can Genevieve suffer from psychosis, she’s the only female celebrity that always has the highest number of likes on her pictures, yet she doesn’t appear too flashy, right from the day she signed up on IG.

Replying to

Few weeks ago some people were tweeting and saying all sorts of things about Genevieve, unknowingly to them that she’s going through a lot Quick recovery
AM_Aleyu. data and airtime vendor.
Genevieve is down own all this thread. Why not tell us She is down and need our prayers only. Why bring the lesbian part, what has that got to do with her health. Everyone has a bad side, but at this point she only need our prayers. Wishing her quick recovery.

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