Nigeria Need To Change Her Electoral System For Rree And Fair Election, Bishop Kukah

Nigeria Need To Change Her Electoral System For Rree And Fair Election, Bishop Kukah

Mr Matthew Kukah, the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, has expressed the nation is running a disorganized

electoral process that would not ensure free, honest and credible elections.
Bishop Kukah, who said this during the 60th birthday celebration of a prominent lawyer and human rights activist, Clement Nwankwo in FCT, spoke Nigeria will never have free, fair or reasonable elections until it certifies a sense of common citizenship where everybody is on the exact page.

Mr Matthew Kukah , nevertheless, lamented that the method Nigeria is running had foreclosed the chance as there is a lack of conceptual clarity in its political process.

Mr Matthew Kukah also said “Where we are currently; if we persist and we are true to our practice, it is after General President (Muhammadu) Buhari has gone; 2023 obtains another president. By 2024 or by the end, we will be speaking, ‘Oh! you know, General Buhari was not that so bad.

“You know because Nigeria progresses from reversal, we are consistently thoughtful about the history. And if you run around, you will just find out we were speaking all these people were being killed underneath EX President Jonathan, and then short, they say ‘no, no, no, bring back the lawlessness of Goodluck. We did not mind the lawlessness because a bag of rice was not as costly as it is now.’”

Bishop als said Nigerians actually don’t comprehend the job of politics, counting, “I hear Nigerians say to me, you understand we pray this time around that we get the right person for the improvement of the country ry. And I say get it right as in what – that the elections were free, they were fair, they were conceivable; that’s fine, but what does that assure you?
“Many of us mistake electoral methods with results. When we talk about political strategies, we are never going to have free, fair or credible elections until you improve the understanding of common citizenship, that is that all of us are seeking at the same goal. And of course, the method we are running has foreclosed the chance because there is a shortage of abstract transparency.
“as i’m talking to you now, as we know and as we are speaking, even to express curiosity in experiencing in this function despite your credentials –
that is not sufficiently in this country Nigeria. This is what I have the capacity to accomplish, no, it is not tolerated.

He added, so, if you cannot afford N100 million or N50 million to purchase a form or you don’t have the kind of friends who can buy such form, I tell you, it is such a joke that Nigerians are modeling and we are just observing.

“We have to pay the price for this; we will pay the price because we are complicit, because if someone has pitched this wall, saying that poor people don’t need to involve; that is what he said, irrespective of your capabilities, then we should not act we are running a democracy were people who are ready to work for the country will come out not because of the money but because of the love an they know what the mass , i mean the common people need .
“We should say we have opted for plutocracy which is, the only rich people can partake in the process,” .

This is not how democracy is practiced, they believe poor people don’t have the ambition or they are not wise enough to carry the country?

A lot needs to be changed if we want a profitable system,
let’s stop judging by how much money you have to buy the post but what you are bringing to the table

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