Glamcode Media Refund Policy

Glamcode Media Refund Policy

Even as we strive to satisfy our numerous customers, we are well aware that things might not always go as smoothly as we want them to. In situations where there is a delay in the delivery of service or unplanned strain in the process, we would always advise patience, we do not refund cash. But be rest assured that you will get value for your money.

If for any reason you decide to get a refund, what you can do is look through other services we render and convert your available funds into one of those.

Below is a list of our famous services

Youtube Monetization

Youtube Channel for sale

Facebook Monetization Requirements (5k followers, 60k watch time for instream ads, 600k minutes for live ads)

Youtube ads views

Youtube Seo Service to boost channel power

TikTok Monetization requirements (10k followers and 100k views)

Youtube 1million views for musicians

Twitter 1million impressions for monetization

Instagram monetization requirements

Nigerian followers and subscribers on all platforms

Live stream viewers

Kindly request our card rate for all services.


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