Our Youtube Monetization Program – All You Need to Know

Our YouTube Monetization Program – All You Need to Know

The Promo Package

Our YouTube monetization promo program ran for a very long time at the rate of N45,000 only, and we are glad for the lives we touched and the businesses we have helped during the time it ran. The program has been utilized and implemented towards the growth and monetization of many YouTube channels over the course of its run. It appeared too good to be true because we offer a very ridiculous amount to “actually ” monetize a channel. Here we will explain why we were able to do this, and the terms and conditions surrounding the concept of the YouTube monetization promo by Glamcode Media. Note that the current price for this package is N60k.

How Are We Able To Achieve Cheap Promo?

Our research team spends hours, days, and sometimes, weeks constantly investigating and discovering the cheapest and safest means to generate watch hours for your videos, these means are usually through affiliate programs or social media marketing. All the heavy work and tedious tasks are carried out successfully to enable us to provide you with this great offer.

Is It Pay Before Service?

Yes, we cannot offer our service on credit, but we are working on something similar for a few people who can be trusted to compensate after the job has been done. A lot of people especially new customers can be skeptical and we understand this, we are working tirelessly to build the amount of trust everyone requires to be able to depend on a brand. We encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews on our Google page to motivate new clients.

If you are interested in the service before payment option, kindly fill out this form. Note that only the standard package is available for Pay After Service.

Difference Between Our Youtube Promo and Standard Monetization Package

Our standard monetization package goes for N85,000. This package is almost like giving us a job to make sure your channel is monetized, we also allow you to make us a manager of your channel for the duration of the job. On the other hand, the promo package gets you 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours which is what you need to activate your monetization. The catch is that after you have applied for monetization, you might experience a drop or reduction in your watch hours even before YouTube gets back to you with a response. If Youtube accepts you into the program, well then congrats to you, but if not, we will not be held liable to compensate you with watch hours again. This means that you need to really prep your channel before taking this offer. Make sure you have no copyright issues on the channel, set up your Google AdSense preferably on the same Gmail associated with your YouTube channel, and follow all guidelines. These guarantee you at least a 90% chance of quick acceptance into the program. Remember, you do not lose monetization even if you lose your watch hours.

But on the standard package, after you pay N85,000, sit back relax, and wait for your channel to be monetized. You are required to grant us manager access to your Youtube channel, this is also to help us check through your channel proffesionaly and make sure we are ready to monetize. If your channel isn’t monetized at the first application, we will resolve the issue(s), get back your watch hours in-case of any drop, and then try again. LEARN ABOUT INELIGIBLE CHANNELS

What is The Payment Procedure?

The promo package can only take a one-time payment of N60,000.  This is because of the nature of the watch hours under this package, you cannot afford to keep the watch hours for future use. For example, buying 1,000 watch hours to keep, hoping to buy the next one in the next month. The watch hours do not have such a guarantee. Since it is a monetization activation package, you need to get the total watch hours you need at once so you do not lose the old one before the new one comes in. This is why it is a one-time payment.

On the standard package, you can spread out your payment to buy watch hours independently. 1,000 watch hours cost N20,000 on the standard hence you can decide to pay this 4 times until you get 4,000 watch hours.

Generally, it is advised to get your 4000 watch hours during the same period and monetize as quickly as possible.

Do We Have Already Monetized Channels For Sale?

Yes, we do sell monetized channels but only on demand. We prep a channel according to your niche and then monetize it for you. The cost for this is N250k, if the channel is not readily available, it will be made ready in two weeks including the AdSense account. The YouTube channel is always at least 2years old.

We hope this article was useful to you, if you have any other questions, kindly reach out to us via WhatsApp.

How long Does it Take To Deliver and Monetize?

Typically, delivering watch hours on YouTube takes time, but if all is well, within 7 days it is possible to achieve 4,000 watch hours and proceed to apply. On rare occasions, it might take two weeks to deliver your watch hours, and if you are using our promo servers, we actually usually experience downtimes sometimes where our servers may not deliver at all for up to a month so you need to confirm before payment sometimes to be sure that the promo server is currently working or to know how long your job will take. Delivery typically takes 3-4days.

After your watch hours are delivered and your APPLY button has been activated, getting monetized now solely depends on how credible your channel is and the Google team. Typically after application and all is well, you get monetized within 24 hours.

Which Youtube Channels Have We Monetized Lately Through Our Packages

Here are some YouTube channels that got monetized through our process.





These are the most recent channels monetized through our programs.

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