DSTV: 9k Subscription And Can’t Watch A UCL Semi Finals? Twitter Laments

DSTV: 9k Subscription And Can’t Watch A UCL Semi Finals? Twitter Laments


Nigerians complain bitterly over the high cost of Dstv subscriptions and lesser channels,
multichoice/Dstv increases their monthly subscription on April 1st,

people expected more channels added because of the increment but it when the other way round,
instead, most of the important channels were removed
Many are calling them a scam and wicked, why do some people also want the federal government to come into this,
more disappointment after ₦9,000 compact subscribers were unable to watch the champions league semi-final, manchester city vs real Madrid

Here Are Their Complaints

Suleiman Shettima
Replying to


is robbing us clearly. 9k subscription and can’t watch a UCL semi finals? I promise u guys,this season is my last.

Ọkùnrin mẹ́ta àti ½
At this age of digital TV, I’m supposed to be able to choose the channels I want to watch and pay for them. Wetin concern me with wale Adenuga TV and Jimjam? DSTV will just give u some useless channels you don’t need and call that “rich content”. Nonsense!
Uncle Femi’s Effect
Dstv is so annoy. I paid 9k to subscribe for Dstv yet i was unable watch Man city vs Real Madrid. Many channels i don’t watch till my sub expires are just there. Dstv is reaping us a lot. They should allow us to select channels.
Make dstv just bring flash make i send film for them cus small thing dey vex person wey no get eid cloth
Ebenezer Ijalana
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So sad , since last month I have started watching local TV enough of this extortion by DSTV
Super sport 3 dey show Premier league highlights on a champions league night…..DSTV na nonsense cable
Mr. white
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Can you imagine me watching cartoon with my kids instead of champions league after I paid 9k DSTV
Aspiring Influencer
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These adverts just reminds me of super story, binta and friends, papa ajasco (d old one oooo, not d new rubbish dey are doing now n calling Papa ajasco) n other soaps that made our childhood fun. We didn’t have dstv and gotv then but our regular terrestrial stations made our day
Abiola Popson
DStv and Dangote has resemblance…of sudden hike in prices and careless about people opinions
sabuba solutions
Multichoice always rushing to hike subscription rates in NGR, despite poor content & service. A couple of places I visited, their gotv keeps fluctuating like an epilepsy attack, while the DSTV picture keeps vanishing at the slightest
change of weather
Mr. Razo ! ®  
DStv be heartless oo, after we’ve paid exorbitant subscriptions on a monthly basis they’ll show 1863 movies
Elohor purity


How I go pay 9000 subscription and I no fit watch Champions League Semi Finals? No justification for the increase in price yet I can’t enjoy good viewing. Abeg… How I go take return una decoder and dish because I no do again #

DSTV can charge what ever they want, e no concern. Most of my colleagues including me stop subscribing few months ago, we always stream. Get a smart tv(if you prefer to stream on big screen), a phone and a strong internet.
Hamzah Mohammed
Replying to

How can I steam matches ??once I know this ..am done with


cos how will I pay 9000# and can’t watch campions league semi finals

The Voice
I only watch football and music-related channels on DSTV. I’ve never watched 90% or more of the channels I pay for. Yet, I subscribe monthly. Can’t we be allowed to pay for the channels we watch? Why pay for something you don’t need?
Just make sure you have unlimited data and stream all your matches live. Since a year now, I Don’t subscribe to


because They have nothing to offer apart from live football.

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