10 Ways to Keep a Good Man

10 Ways to Keep a Good Man


I can attest to you that a woman will first and foremost in her life want a good relationship, a lasting one, that is what her early desires would be, and if she ever decides she wants to mess around, then life must have pushed her into making such decision. Every girl while growing into a woman desires to be loved by one man and one man only.

The challenge becomes then, in a world where people are easily irritated and worked up, how do you keep a good man? Especially when you are convinced within you that he is truly a good man. Where many women fail is still believing in the term “accept me as I am if you truly love me”, but the truth is no one really accepts anyone as they are. We can only tolerate and that lasts just long enough.

So to maintain a very lasting relationship, not just with a man, everyone needs to work on their character, attitude, and general outlook.

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You can keep a player with you for a while by following these rules, but if you follow these rules with a good man, you’ll keep him for a long time (and he won’t be out looking for a whore like a player). All women should keep these in mind to decide what type of man they want in a relationship: a player or a keeper.

  1. Keep clean and shave your legs, armpits, naughty bits, and ass: Cleanliness is as important as breathing. It should be your first priority, not only with your body but with your immediate environment.
  2. Wear sexy clothing. This can be as simple as a baggy t-shirt without a bra or just not having panties on: This cannot be overemphasized but looking sexy is absolutely a goal you want to pursue for a long time in your lifetime. Why do you think grown men become sugar daddies? Because men will keep appreciating a sexy thing. To succeed in this cruel life of ours you need to learn the rules and follow them, especially if you cannot bend them.
  3. Absolutely NO mom clothes or granny panties: Your choice of clothes can make you appear older than you look, make sure you go with the times at all times. Your man is not stuck with you at home, he goes out, he beholds other beauty but realizing he’s got one who can also be that classy makes him feel better and have no need to second guess his decision to be with you.
  4. Flirt with him often: Do not be all in his face but you are not supposed to leave him all alone even though he is always alone. These are moments men think about whenever you’re not around. The moments.
  5. Have sex at least three to four times a week: Sex strengthens bonds, and keeps the memory of you in his head constantly by initiating intimate moments.
  6. Give him head randomly: Nothing much to say here.
  7. F*ck around in public like a teenager.
  8. Be fun and have adventurous types of sex (public sex, going to a strip club, bondage, etc).
  9. Tell him what you want but don’t expect it from him.

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If you follow these guidelines, the player will see you as someone who’s exciting, but a good man will want to be with you and be amazed by you.

Note: Expectations ruin a lot, if you go into a relationship with the intention to work for it rather than the relationship working for you, when you detect a good man, it will be worth the while. How do you detect a good man? Read this article.

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