Truth, Honesty, And Consequences

Truth, Honesty, And Consequences

However without cost or free anything may seem, especially when advertised as such: Everything has a cost in cause and effect. With that said, I begin this article. In life and existence, especially one properly lived and “played out”, the good effort is always required. After all, you can still have all of the “good breaks”, “good luck” and good fortune for you then still make a mess of it if the bad effort is done or gratitude before and for receipt is not practiced.

We all have to be honest with ourselves to genuinely succeed. That is what makes success so genuinely rare in life and existence, dishonesty to most always seems easier until the consequences of such come up. Indeed, dishonesty, untruthfulness with yourself, and drifting are the genuine evils of existence beyond any conscious devils, demons, or evil. In fact, that is where I can honestly mean that all evil and destruction start, with the need for ease, short cut ways, and drifting weakly with the flow instead of taking a stand and going for what is genuinely worth it in existence.

So, what do I think is worth it in existence? The good and great truth, honesty, and consequences, in reality, are worth it, everything else is not worth it, although so many people settle for it to “get by” or “cheat the system successfully” while genuinely cheating themselves and if a person is not cheating themselves if they are cheating, tell them to look in the mirror honestly to themselves and say “I earned this, I did this” with full power behind it. It will never work. That is the reality that the earned is better than the cheated or given.

We all want to honestly win. Most though, when they see the daunting, not free effort settle for less than fully pure and honest winning though. Nothing worthwhile is free. Remember that statement and you will be genuinely all right.

Does not all cheating come down to escaping effort, and “successfully” cheating yourself into thinking you earned it? That will never really happen. On the other hand, winning starts with the honest effort of genuinely admitting reality, instead of wanting to “successfully cheat reality”. The no-effort paradise is not just the dream of the mystic, it is the dream of the genuine idiot if consciously and fully practiced because anything worthwhile takes effort and any good consequences must be created, captured, and paid for with genuine spiritual currency and productive effort, not given, cheated or eased into.


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