Rationality Versus Irrationality

Rationality Versus Irrationality

Rationality Versus Irrationality - GLAMCODEMEDIA.COM

Can we admit the truth and be honest with ourselves and others? Sometimes I wonder about that. A big lie seems like a best friend at our side until it genuinely and utterly fails in every important way even to resemble the truth or anything honest.

With that said, I begin this article. We all have a choice to be rational or irrational in life and existence at any level. When I think of rationality versus irrationality, I think of a giant war run by an oversize government that loses everything to a smaller, better-run, creatively managed government that is “supposed” to lose to the large, oversize government. This is key to how reality works. The larger is supposed to win over the smaller, but the larger almost always loses to the smaller, more creative, and better-run regime because of irrational realities within the larger, that work better within the smaller. Indeed, a better government starts with better words: We saw that in 1776 with the American Revolution. Say and mean what you will about the founding realities with all their flaws of indentured servitude, slavery, pogroms, and fear-mongering, we have to first admit this historical truth to be rational with ourselves, all the words about freedom, truth, and justice sound better than dictatorship, kings, queens, empires and all of that which came before at the very least. When we see and admit the whole picture without flinching, though, then we can genuinely grow. That is also what I mean by rationality versus irrationality with rational reality winning over the irrational “ideal” fantasies every single time in reality.

So, a comfortable big lie can seem better and more exciting and enriching than an uncomfortable real and honest truth that is real until we get the genuine bill, receipt, and payment voucher for accepting that big lie.

We all want greatness without earning it, but the best of us admit the greatness and the genuine fact that it needs to be earned. Indeed, also, cheating and the unearned is a genuine drugs worse than heroin or cocaine and way more subtly destructive to us. Yet, how many addicts would spend thousands for that “unearned” high and flight of fantasy called a high to avoid the “Jones effect”? Too many.

On the other hand, the personality who does not get addicted admits to the facts and acts strictly by them in reality and understanding that the real high has to be earned. From a genuinely happy honest millionaire businessperson who genuinely follows the rules to the genuine meditating person in a cave in Tibet, earning it. Indeed, the earned is always better and has no bill of sale, catch, or tricks. I know, I am a little preachy about the rational facts in this article, but somebody should be, or the hoax of the most genuine irrationality will go on unchecked.


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