Brutal Honesty

Brutal Honesty

Brutal Honesty


All honesty that “rubs against the grain” and “tells too much truth” is brutal, all dishonesty that can be tolerated just “gets by”. With that intimate musing, I begin this article. Total honesty that causes a genuine revolution is perceived as a threat to those who invest erroneously in something that is established or “works”. Face it, it is human nature to want to be comfortable or in a comfort zone that does consistently work. With that said, I mention this reality of life: It is that rare person that does not want to be comfortable that causes things to genuinely grow, get better, and work better. It cannot happen any other way in reality.

The fantasy is that establishments and authorities work for good and growth, right? That really is the fantasy of all “comfort zone realities” that work to keep things “the same” without growth.

I remember this episode of “Star Trek” called “The Apple”, where the people of this planet kept feeding a creature/machine God called “Vaal” and had eternal Eden-like paradise as long as they obeyed the creature/machine without dissent or individual thinking. Well does that not show the ideal of all external authority really? “We will let it be ‘good’ for you as long as you obey us without questioning. You will not grow, but we will provide. The end.”

To have a dynamic process of growth, the very concept of authority has to be replaced with total individual creative contribution and autonomy. I know, that is really brutal honesty and it is needed (sometimes wanted) when things get too stagnant. Without growth, everything descends into genuine chaos that looks like order on the surface. For example, look well at Nazi Germany: On the surface, you saw the “goose-stepping brown-shirt soldier” order, but what simmered beneath was genuine chaos that had to lose from the top down from Adolph Hitler the dictator. Where there is inner conflict there is not any winning, there is only loss, destruction, and genuine chaos, whatever the appearance of order is. Indeed, genuine production looks like chaos because everyone is creatively contributing in harmony with growth, and I do mean everyone. Thinking about what I am talking about, the closest thing to a dictator in it is each individual contributor taking action for the good of total growth creatively, not some irrationally selfish dictator acting out of the fear of genuine growth, doing “anything”. Indeed, all genuine chaos is a holocaust in that sense and all genuine order depends on individual creativity and rational action and contribution that contributes to a productive future of life, liberty, and happiness without the filter of irrational needs for holding things down and others down. Now, that is brutal honesty, take it or leave it.


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