What Does Life Mean?

What Does Life Mean?

What Does Life Mean? - glamcodemedia.com

A properly lived life means business, an improperly lived life puts it off and plays too much/procrastination on the useless. Please note, although the first definition of life is shorter and the latter definition longer, this article is about the first definition of life meaning business. With that said: We all have time, and it all depends on how we use it realistically. We can do business or “have fun procrastinating” uselessly. Although both can be “enjoyable” at certain intervals, which one of these realities gets us genuinely further? I can honestly say that a properly lived life means business always gets us further in all reality.

We have all got to use time in the best ways we can, and we may not have total control over how it goes. We do have total control over our genuine intentions in using time.

One time, I asked what life meant, and wanted an honest answer. The answer was, that we all have a business to take care of within our time span and lifespan. In this collection of time-bound conditions we all call life and existence, we either have the choice to take care of business or play and procrastinate and only we with consciousness can genuinely choose what is best or worst for us.

Let me put it this way: The better and more efficient you are at taking care of what needs to be taken care of, the better. In fact, I can say and see it this way: If you sense or see a genuine problem that comes up, get creative in dealing with it. My best solutions come when I get creative, realistic, and efficient creative in taking care of business way.

So, I did not say that a sense of play was not necessary or needed, but an overall intention of taking care of business is needed to temper and focus the sense of play so that everything that needs and wants to be done gets done. In short, business is first, play is secondary, but all things necessary are necessary. To put it more understandably: You have dinner traditionally or business, then dessert after dinner which is the part you enjoy after nourishment or business. Get it? It all works like this in life however you “want” to put it. We all have a realistic path, some get it right, so many do not. But if you really want to win, you must mean business and enjoy the results after meaning the business when you succeed. “So many fail, but nothing succeeds like success when the successful get it right!”



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