The Game Of Blame

The Game Of Blame

The Game Of Blame -

Everybody with problems would like to pawn them off on someone else when they are hard to handle. That is human nature. Growth and understanding are what it is, solutions feel better than problems. They just feel better temporarily, because problems and solutions are one and the same in a sense, and you have the problem side of the coin and the solution on the other side of that same coin.

Indeed, this may outrage many and please few: The greater the problem, the more the solution causes you to genuinely grow.

I can honestly, forthrightly repeat the William Clement Stone and Oliver Napoleon Hill saying: The fact that you have a problem is good, it means the growth, in reality, is that much better.

Now, I am not rebuffing the horror of tragedy or anything, but some of our greatest problems have become the most genuine of solutions in reality like the candle that led to the light bulb or the wagon that could not move before the wheel was invented.

Look, to put it straight, we can all play the game of blame, but it takes a truly, genuinely conscious person to get past blame genuinely and create a great solution. That brings me to a point: The ultimate point where a solution may come to a problem is the point of disciplined thinking, action on those thoughts, and enactment of solutions.

Let me bring it down to a level: Today, I had serious blocks in my creative process while getting ready to write this article. I had the computer start over two times before the idea for this article came to me. Sure, I could look at it as sacrificing two sessions before I “got it in my last session” or I could be genuinely conscious, all right with the blame, and keep genuinely going optimistically. Genuinely working at it until reality yields its solution to me. The latter is indeed a better approach than blame, always.

So, to sum up, the philosophy here is: Do it (anything) the best you can do it, whatever may come up because you are creating solutions, not problems. Creating solutions is always a virtue, and creating problems is always a consistent irritant and vice, anyway. The best thing is a solution and the worst thing is more problems until they are solved.

The only fix is a solution, and the only problem is a problem. Get working, and stop blaming!


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