The Training For Those Who Love To Win

The Training For Those Who Love To Win

The Training For Those Who Love To Win - GLAMCODEMEDIA.COM

Played by actors William Shatner and Christopher Pine, Captain James Tiberius Kirk in the Star Trek show and movies once admitted that he got creative and cheated on his command exam called the Kobayashi Maru test because he hated to lose more than anything. Well, if you genuinely do not want to lose, I can only give this advice: Cheat honestly and productively in the most creative and beneficial way possible. What do I mean by that?

Face it, the most positive and creative form of cheating is innovation and genuine creativity that raises the bar or bars on any game that is being played. Almost like Michael Jefferey Jordan and Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Jr. raising the sport of basketball to a new level with their exploits or Lee Iacocca and Thomas Boone Pickens or Harold Sydney Geneen with ITT in business. I get it. If you cannot beat the game, raise the bar through game-enhancing creativity that creates a whole new level of reality and strategy for the game being played.

Speaking of ITT, and specifically, ITT Technical Institute when it was a viable school. The real key to passing courses at that school was creativity and innovation with technology and nothing else. After all, why do you think you got an infamous kit with tools and a box of microchips that you had to “do something with” during the coursework anyway?

My point is that the best solutions are the creative and productive ones that genuinely raise the bar. That is the essence of positive or beneficial “cheating” that works to improve the quality of life and “play” in any game of reality.

As I was coming up with this article, I was faced with an inner comparison of negative cutting corners and cheating, and positive cutting corners and cheating and I came up with this reality: Positive cheating is an innovative strategy that is harder than straight-up playing the game in a great way or being genuinely competent usually without any cheating. I mean, face it, all greatness comes through the positive cheating and creativity I am writing about.

Indeed, to raise the bar on reality, there needs to be positive cheating, creative solutions, and realistic thinking that does raise the bar and outside-the-box thinking after that realistic thinking that transcends the game in a sense. But, I am not talking about any negative cheating or destructively cutting corners at all. I mean totally positive cheating and creativity that works to better situations. Because a few other philosophers have said “Lying is the lowest order of creativity” in different and myriad ways. I will raise the bar and say this: To really win, genuine transcendence of all current rules is needed. In short: Growth. Napoleon Hill even wrote a certain book based on the concepts I am writing about called “Think and Grow Rich” how do you think Motown and Stax record companies really came up with all of their great innovatively exciting music in the 1960s? Yes, growth, transcendence, bar-raising creativity, and positive cheating. Apply this principle to life and become great. Without this, everything is mediocre, and “just getting by” on “effort is needed. If you really want to win, start here by understanding the last two sentences fully.



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