Say Yes! Be Positive! Be Strong!

Say Yes! Be Positive! Be Strong!

Say Yes! Be Positive! Be Strong!

I wanted the title to be an attention-getting device. So, I said the most obvious flash-and-bang advice in life: Say yes, be positive, and be strong! Now, to tell you the honest truth about that advice, it is not as negative or pessimistic as you would expect.

Yesterday, my Mom and I had a small argument both of us about what life means, and believe me it was a two-sided argument, but we came to a harmonious conclusion because of this factor: Strength is saying yes to yourself, being positively real with yourself for starters, and always being genuinely strong enough to do what is real even when it is seemingly stomach churning at times. Now, I could give that wonderful sounding standard “positive thinking” advice about “have some guts even without them for real” and “fake it until you do make it” and the like, I am not saying that here. I am saying do what is real and genuine for you however it may look to others because you do not get a real second chance to succeed in this respect. I am also saying do what you need to do presently with a full and complete consciousness about it, and total gutsy realism.

I could tell you “what you need to hear” here, but I would be depriving you of the best move of your life. The worst move would be to close your eyes and smile through the worst of it with a consciousness of what others may think about what you are doing and really faking it until you “make it”. I am telling you from some experience, even if you “succeed” this way, it is not satisfying. Real earning of benefits, and living genuinely and consciously in reality with total consciousness always is a genuine success or temporary seeming failure, as long as you are there and you genuinely did it, you benefit really.

Look, there is much I get and understand, and much I do not get and do not understand. But, face it, mastery is a conscious courage combined with a genuine understanding of what you are doing and a genuinely pure presence of mind that takes nothing for granted in any way. Also, I did not say “perfect”, I said mastery. Even masters are not perfect, they still have conscious nature and/or human nature in and with them, but they have a full understanding. that is the reality that makes the difference. So, say yes, be positive, and be strong when it is fully warranted. In short, do what is genuinely right for you.



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