Most Livable Cities of 2023

Most Livable Cities of 2023

For 2023, We have selected a list of the top cities suitable for living due to their safety and ease of navigation. Vienna took the top spot on this year’s liveability index thanks to the city’s stability and good infrastructure is the city’s main charms for its inhabitants, supported by good healthcare and plenty of opportunities for culture and entertainment.

But what happened to our Australian cities?

Melbourne ranked in the top 3 places in the most liveable cities list from when it started in 2002 through to 2019.

The fact is, it achieved the number one ranking in 10 of those first 18 years.


But it seems that the Covid pandemic has shaken it down the list.

Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth all made the top 10 list last year, but all but Melbourne have dropped out of the global top 10 entirely for 2022.

Melbourne only just scraped through in fact, coming in 10th place (equal to Osaka).

Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth have fallen to 27th, 30th, and 32nd respectively.

Interestingly these three capitals were among the top 10 highest falls in the entire 2022 study.

In fact, cities in Australia are listed among some of the biggest fallers in the rankings.


Our extended lockdowns, closed borders and tight Covid-19 restrictions have severely affected our cities’ liveability ratings.

Let us get down to the top safest cities to live in.


Most Livable Cities of 2023

Vienna, also described as Europe’s cultural capital, is a metropolis with unique charm, vibrancy, and flair. It boasts outstanding infrastructure, is clean and safe, and has all the inspiration that you could wish for in order to discover this wonderful part of Europe. It was voted the safest city in the world to live in.


Most Livable Cities of 2023

The Danish capital has received significant international recognition for being one of the world’s most liveable cities in recent years, and that’s well-warranted; living in Copenhagen is glorious. This ever-evolving Nordic outpost has a significant international community and is a hub for creativity and innovation.


Most Livable Cities of 2023

Zurich is Switzerland’s economic leader and is known worldwide for its financial district. But other very innovative economic sectors flourish in the region. Zurich has established itself as an important center for ICT, life sciences, cleantech as well as creative industries, and tourism.

Top Attractions
  • Matterhorn – Symbol for Switzerland.
  • The Rhine Falls.
  • Aletsch – the Largest Alpine Glacier.
  • Creux du Van – Natural Spectacle.
  • Jungfraujoch.

Switzerland is a very welcoming country, with 25% of its population being foreign individuals.


Most Livable Cities of 2023

Calgary enjoys more days of sunshine than any other major Canadian city and is less than an hour’s drive from the majestic Rockies. It offers fresh air, open spaces, parks and pathways, and mountains and rivers. The city has roots dating back to 1875 and it was officially named a town in 1884.


Most Livable Cities of 2023

Geneva is the base for some of the world’s largest organizations, such as the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the World Bank, and, of course, the United Nations. French is the predominant language spoken in Geneva, but most citizens speak at least one other language. English is spoken by about a quarter of the local population and by the majority of foreigners.

Living in Geneva can be considered a luxury in every sense of the word. While its quality of life is one of the best in Europe, the cost of living is particularly high, too. Switzerland is generally expensive for ex-pats, but Geneva is pricey even by Swiss standards.



Most Livable Cities of 2023

Frankfurt, a central German city on the river Main, is a major financial hub that’s home to the European Central Bank. It’s the birthplace of famed writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, whose former home is now the Goethe House Museum. Like much of the city, it was damaged during World War II and later rebuilt. The reconstructed Altstadt (Old Town) is the site of Römerberg, a square that hosts an annual Christmas market.

The city is traditionally known for its production of high-quality sausages (frankfurters). Frankfurt has long been a key stopping point for river, rail, and road traffic from Switzerland and southern Germany northward along the Rhine River to the Ruhr region and across the Main River to north-central Germany.


Most Livable Cities of 2023

Consistently ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world, Toronto enjoys a reputation as an exciting, diverse, clean, and safe city to set up home.

What is Toronto Most Famous For?
  • Ontario Science Centre.
  • Royal Ontario Museum.
  • Casa Loma.
  • CF Toronto Eaton Centre.
  • Toronto City Hall.
  • CN Tower.
  • Entertainment District.
  • Kensington Market.
Fun Facts about Toronto
  • The Toronto Islands weren’t always islands. …
  • Babe Ruth hit his first professional home run here. …
  • In 2016, two capybaras escaped from the High Park Zoo. …
  • It’s the only city in Canada with seven major-league sports teams. …
  • There are mass graves in St. …
  • Toronto has over 10 million trees



Most Livable Cities of 2023

It is the capital and the principal commercial and financial center of the Netherlands. To the scores of tourists who visit each year, Amsterdam is known for its historical attractions, its collections of great art, and the distinctive color and flavor of its old sections, which have been so well preserved.

Although the official language is Dutch, almost 95% of the population speaks English. Therefore, not knowing Dutch isn’t an issue! Learning Dutch is difficult because Dutch people are eager to speak English. There isn’t a language barrier, and this makes life more comfortable for those coming from another country.


Most Livable Cities of 2023

Today, Melbourne is a major center of commerce, industry, and cultural activity. Often referred to as both the ” cultural capital of Australia” and the “sporting capital of Australia”, the city has a rich history and is home to many of Australia’s major annual sporting and cultural events.

Facts About Melbourne

  • Melbourne was the first city outside of Europe and North America to host the Olympic games.
  • The black box (for planes) was invented in Melbourne.
  • Melbourne’s tram system is the largest in the world.
  • The first traffic lights in Australia were installed in Melbourne.
  • Lonely Planet’s headquarters are in Melbourne.



Most Livable Cities of 2023

Osaka is best known for its amazing casual food and outgoing locals. It’s arguably Japan’s street food capital, and most famous for snacks including takoyaki and okonomiyaki. Osaka is also renowned for its fun, extroverted people who make eating and drinking in the city an unforgettable experience.

Osaka was once the capital of Japan. Osaka is the third largest city in Japan after Tokyo and Yokohama. The population of Osaka sits at around 2.6 million – that’s just over half of New Zealand’s entire population in one city. Osaka is known for delicious food including takoyaki and okonomiyaki

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