[Review] Love and Break Up E.p by Kaptain Kush E.P Review


Ok, this has to be one of the most carefully compiled projects by an up and coming act in the underworld of Nigerian entertainment.


I think I should start with this. Production is very important in everything that has got to do with audio, and the smart thing about this project is that the artiste ‘Kaptain Kush’ and his team had succeeded in carefully picking out ready made beats, which are already thoroughly cleaned and mastered, leaving the production team with the vocals to clean up. I can only attest to the fact that getting top notch production from the scratch in a vastly paced industry like the Nigerian Music industry is on some major budget. Hence getting ‘ready made’ beats was a smart idea. Now going down to the final output, I will let my rating calculator below do the summing up. I cannot hide the fact nevertheless; that owning the copyright to your beats goes a long way to stand you out.


When you pick up this E.p for a listen, the first track which is titled “You Said”, will place you on the unmissable path to the whole idea behind the project. Instead of waiting for my automatic rating below the post, I will rate the lyrics right here. I will, from a none bias mind, give it a 60/100 mark because yeah, the intro was direct at letting us know what to expect, but…I hate to be able to predict things, well, unless I am staking my money on one of these sports betting sites. The lyrics were almost too predictable, aside the messages which were brilliantly passed and well written, I want a song to be shrouded in a little bit of mystery, at-least, leave me with a little bit of wonder and a wish to reach out to you like.. “bro., what were you really driving at when you said this?


Well, this has spoken for itself, the project has not fallen short of proper branding, except we can still notice the fact that it was on the lower side of the type of budget you might need for a successful E.p. Now am I saying that the e.p wasn’t a success? I am not here to answer such questions. Well, why must you humans always expect some sort of fall out with critics and their….victims?


The EP has only two features, Gzone on Love Consent and then Cross Chain on Far Away, a track that I personally have developed a soft spot for. I wouldn’t say their performances were below par, I actually feel they balanced or complemented each other respectively. Good choice, I would hope to see more prominence on future projects.


You know how we do it on Madstreetz reviews., Check below for our auto-rating to see the score for this project.




LAB by Kaptain Kush












High Points

  • All element intact
  • Slow to fast pace jams
  • Promotion on hit jam "Sorry"
  • Enjoyability is guaranteed

Low Points

  • Promotional longevity not enough
  • only one original beat
  • lyrics can be deeper
  • type of e.p needing more budget

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