Pray For White Money; Nigerians Speaks Out On Twitter

Pray For White Money; Nigerians Speaks Out On Twitter

At first, when I see the trend, Pray for whitemoney I was worried because I thought it was something very serious, sick, or lost endorsement but was something we don’t believe requires payers but encouragement and backup
Oyeze Onou popularly known as Whitemoney, The singer and Big Brother Naija season 6 winner was trending today with Tag Pray for whitemoney,


the reason for the trend is that the singer was spotted in the studio for another single, but Nigerians believe he is not good enough as a musician while others believe he deservers a Grammy award.


More On The Prayer For Whitemoney Trend 

Queen MMA WMGand DavidO new fan #30GB
At mention his Name King whitemoney Onyeze rats, lizards, cockroaches,bulldogs,even monkey etc must rants,bark and cry chai odugwu m when I grow up I would like to be like u o cos d grace way u carry na over dose #PrayForWhitemoney



Father I pray as


wished and prayed to win a Grammy,so shall it be. Whitemoney will win a Grammy in Jesus name Afterall you are the God that makes things that look impossible POSSIBLE.. MONEYGENG PRAYS #PrayForWhitemoney

MoneyGeng _Merso
I decree into ur life today king, anyone waiting for you to fail or fade wud be disgraced and shamed in ways they least expect , coz u re a blessed nd graced son of God. MONEYGENG PRAYS #PrayForWhitemoney

Your strides will always Lead you to greatness, joy, peace and happiness. Your kindness will double your blessings in Jesus Name, AMEN MONEYGENG PRAYS #PrayForWhitemoney

Lilian Whyte
That evil stone U or some pple silently throw at Whitemoney, I pick it up as an intercessor, and I reverse it back to sender! We are Children of God wit Fire MONEYGENG PRAYS #PrayForWhitemoney

Gift Ogechi
RainOver of Lasgidi
Instead of trending this hashtag, why not drag Whitemoney to MFM for deliverance, or the love no reach like that? #PrayForWhitemoney
Since Whitemoney is into music let’s catch fun with it. Concentration concentration Name 30 Music artists you know ( Africa and Foreign) MONEYGENG PRAYS #PrayForWhitemoney
Dear Lord We Commit Your Son Hazel Onyeze Onou


Into Ur Able Hands , We Pray For Guidance, Protection,Wisdom, Knowledge & Understanding,We Pray That Whenever He Knocks On One Door Several Doors Will Be Open Unto Him In Jesus Name #PrayForWhitemoney MONEYGENG PRAYS

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