[People Profile] All We Know About Ugoccie Biography, Career, Networth, Scandal

Ugoccie Biography, Career, Networth, Scandal

Ugoccie Biography

Favour Ugochi Anosike, also known as Ugoccie is a Nigerian musician as a rapper, songwriter, rapper, and performer. Born on 6th March 1997 in Aba, Abia State.

Ugoccie was in the spotlight in 2018 after a rap she posted on Instagram was viewed by millions of people. She began her professional career in the year 2019. She was 21 at the time but I’ve performed since the time I was a child.

She has this to say about her selling point.

My distinctive selling point is how I incorporate Igbo in my songs.

Profiling Ugoccie

A Quick Glance At Ugoccie
Full NamesFavour Ugochi Anosike
Nationality Nigerian
Date Of Birth6th March 1997
ProfessionRapper, Radio Host
StateAbia State
Record Label
Current LocationAbia State

Ugoccie Inspiration

During an interview, Ugoccie revealed various sources of her inspiration and how she comes around with her classic tunes.

My environment inspires me. There could be people who are fighting at each other, cheering up, or simply going by. Then boom, I’ve got songs., The person who has inspired my music the most is Phyno. He made me delve into rap. My songs are a mix of Afro as well as rap and indigenous. My culture is

the reason is me, and I’m trying to include my culture in my music.

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Ugoccie Scandals

Ugoccie Family Support

My family and friends have never been a problem with my music. They’ve always been supportive of me.

Ugoccie’s Sex Life

I’ve never been scoped to have sex because I know the meaning behind it. You can’t ‘scope’ a ‘scope’.

Ugoccie’s Current Relationship and Sex Orientation

Currently, Ugoccie is seeing no one and is single according to her. She jokingly says her man crush is Jesus Christ. Ugoccie stated clearly that she is into men and nothing bi-sexual about her. Although she is one who advocates for the ladies to be outspoken about their feelings and also know what they want and go for it., as for her she is not seeing what she really wants right now, she is probably too focused on entertaining her fans locally and gradually internationally. According to her, A man who sends her money will get her attention.

Ugoccie Networth

Ugoccie’s Music Message

My song aims designed to help women feel comfortable enough to speak up about what they’d like to see within the relationships they have. Men don’t always want to be with them, they simply prefer for you to love them. The question can be interpreted as real.

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Ugoccie Claimed Obi Cubana’s Late Mum Inspired Her Song

A budding artist and social media celebrity, Anosike Ugochi, aka Ugoccie has shared her story of the story of how the funeral of nightclub owner Obi Iyiegbu aka Obi Cubana’s mom, inspired her track.

She shared thus;

“I write songs based on stories I learn about the experiences of other people. Therefore, the stories of the people who attended the funeral were all I could distill into songs.”

The ‘Do You Really Love Me’ singer added that her meeting with producer Don Jazzy, was an unforgettable experience. She added,

“I would never be in a position to describe what I felt. It was a moment of awe for me. My legs shaken. I felt extremely overwhelmed. Don Jazzy has been in the music industry for a long time and listening to him tell me that I was gifted and had something to offer was just incredible for me. It’s unforgettable.”

In a discussion about the obstacles she had to face at the beginning of her career Ugoccie explained,

“I had a bad phone at the time. Also, I didn’t have a recording device of my own which meant that I was unable to create videos with ease.”

External References:

Official Facebook Page

The unveiling of Ugoccie, see on Youtube

Ladies should speak more about their feelings – Ugoccie



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