Randa Eissa Biography

[People Profile] All We Know About Randa Eissa Biography, Career, Life, Networth, Scandals

Randa Eissa Biography, Career, Life, Networth, Scandals

Randa Eissa Biography

Randa Eissa, was born in Saudi Arabia on the 2nd of Feb, 1989, and was raised in Cairo. The girl is a Capricorn girl, which translates to Be aware! Her origins are in Egypt and have Turkish roots coming from her mother’s side. She graduated from the faculty in Maritime Logistics.

Randa always had a dream of becoming an artist since she was twelve years old. She started her training when she was 15, and after taking some singing lessons and discovered that she had a broad range of keynotes in her voice. She found her role models in Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Brian McKnight.

Profiling Randa Eissa

A Quick Glance At Randa Eissa
Full NamesRanda Eissa
Nationality Saudi Arabian
Date Of Birth2nd, Jan 1989
MentorMariah Carrey, Brian
Record LabelSelf
Current LocationNigeria

Randa Eissa Early Life

At the age of 15, Randa was performing on stage for the first occasion in her life in front of a large audience during the day of the refugees at Cairo, at the American University of Cairo. She was in the HipHop band “The Gees”, consisting of 4 other members. The Gees were voted the top band on the day. Randa left the group after a year and then decided to concentrate on House music. This was followed when the group broke up and some of the band members left Egypt and returned to their homelands.

Randa Eissa’s Music

Randa released her very first House Track “Sorry” at 16 years old. she composed the lyrics, composed the melody and the music was orchestrated with DJ Khaled Roushdy. Randa plans to record “Sorry” as a 2nd version before the year’s end. It will be the first Club Mix.

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Randa can also be seen as a model. Her first fashion show in 2008 wasn’t too scary because she was used to performing on stage and was able to see a large audience which meant that the fear was not too much. But she excels in modeling photography, which is the thing she likes more than cat walking.

In 2011 Randa recorded her first song in collaboration “Paradise” with Ahmed El Gebaly one of the best guitarists from the past of Egypt and lyrics were composed by Randa and El Gebaly, as well as the melody and the music, were composed in the hands of El Gebaly. They performed live on stage in front of hundreds of fans at “Paradise resort” with Nancy Ajram. The song was specially composed specifically for Paradise Resort.

Randa Eissa’s Branding

Randa has been involved in numerous photoshoots for Brands catalogs. Some of which include Roberto (Italian company), Marvely (Egyptian Brand), Relactive (Turkish Brand), and shooting for well-known designers from Egypt such as Ahmed Abdallah, Mahmoud Ghaly, Nagham Moneer, and others from different countries, like Eredappa (Nigeria-USA) and Eredappa (Nigeria-USA) and different fashion show across Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria. She performed her first performance on stage and performed an Indian Dance in an Indian Fashion show in Cairo. This was a truly special occasion for her.


She was awarded the title “Miss Sunsilk”, as she was the winner of her first Sunsilk Beauty Game in the El Hayah Channel, which was a match with 11 models, along with 11 stylists going through 11 missions each of which consists of two missions. The contest ends with one hairstylist and 1 model winning. Just before the contest ended and prior to the time that Miss Sunsilk is crowned winner the final three models including Randa were asked to be models in the direction of Mohamed Nour in his video clip for his track “Talta Ebteda’y”, which was very difficult and fascinating while being fun.

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The same year, she released her first Arabic track “Kol Marra”, music written with the help of Preacherman in Lagos with lyrics and melody written by Randa The singer and her team shot the video clip of Ghana and a part of Nigeria along with Nigerian dancers. “Kol Marra” official video clip is expected to be released before the end of 2013. In addition, they will record “Kol Marra” featuring Omar Boflot one of the most popular rappers from Egypt. Randa and Boflot plan to film an official video of their Duett song in September of 2013 and then release the song by the end of 2013.

She recorded her hit track “Touch Your Body” in Ghana and the music was arranged by Dan Lyrics and the melody written by Randa. The song was she recorded “Touch Your Body” featuring Kwayse Pee within the month of March. Randa plans to shoot videos for her hit single “Touch Your Body” soon too.

The video promo clip “Summer Of Love” directed by Mohamed Mallah was released in August 2013. Music from DJ Ramy Blazin. The track features Randa Boflot as well as Boflot and lyrics as well as a melody composed by Randa and Boflot. Randa, Boflot & Blazin are a formidable combination, and more to be revealed.

Randa & Boflot will release their second duet “Hob Eh”, again prior to the close of 2013. However, she is developing more than an album for Egypt that mixes drama and a sense of joy. She’s having a blast in the year.

Randa Eissa’s and Art

She is a lover of all things artistic, she’s so into patterns that are designed for interior painting, especially those that are random and have multiple meanings based on what the person gazing at the painting has gone through.

Randa has many different ideas. She will expose them each day in the course of time. “Sometimes I think I’m crazy to have such ideas in my head,, but I also think they are fun, unique and new, some people may understand me, and some won’t”

Randa Eissa’s Jobs

Randa is similar to Miss Want to Do it and have it All. Randa sings, models, models, composes lyrics, creates her own songs, and even composes music. She never rests and is a grumpy worker and is a quick learner and wants to master everything, is overly ambitious, never stop in pursuit of her dreams, and never ceases to fight to bring her dreams to fruition. Randa dislikes the term “Lazy”, she can never be idle unless she’s suffering from illness at home! But not for long the only way to get better is to pursue a hobby she loves, and she’ll be inspired, which will help her recover quickly!

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Randa has two extremes. she is sometimes too wild or too calm. she can be a child at times and too dreamy, yet she is real. She has lots of plans for the coming years and is looking forward to seeing where life takes her. She isn’t scared to step out into the world and expand her circle by working in the music industry and others.

Randa Eissa’s External References

A list of Randa Eissa’s songs 

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