[People Profile] All We Know About Peet Montzingo biography, Career, Family, Networth

All We Know About Peet Montzingo biography, Career, Family, Networth

Peet Montizingo, an American social media influencer, actor, musician and content creator who is most famous for his wildly popular TikTok account. Additionally, the actor is a well-known musician and , in February 2019, he was selected as a recording artist/tourist in the group 5WEST performing in South Africa, Spain, and Europe. The band performed their first arena tour in support artist for Boyzone in the autumn of 2019.

Peet Montzingo

In the years leading up to the 2020 pandemic, Peet cultivated a massive presence on TikTok where he posted videos of comedy, usually featuring his mother. His videos have earned his 11 million followers on the platform. The majority of his content revolves around the experience of having growing up in a small family of people. The internet phenomenon aims to increase awareness and make people feel more comfortable with the little ones through his posts on social media.

Profiling Peet Montzingo

A Quick Glance At Peet Montzingo

Full NamesPeet Montzingo
Place of birthUSA
Date Of BirthMay 2, 1990,
Instagram1.3 million followers
TikTok11 million followers
Youtube7.46 million subscribers
Twitter4.9k followers
Net Worth$3 Million


Before he became famous through TikTok the singer was a performer, a member of a boy group known as 5west which was previously comprised of three other membersthe trio of Caleb Duke, Owen Pastore as well as Jon Paul Nesheiwat. They’ve recorded a variety of songs and played some concerts in the US. Some of their best-known tunes comprise “One-Shot”, “Last Time”, “Stars About You” as well as “Pieces”. His musical career has paved the way for his participation to join TikTok.

Peet started the journey of his TikTok career in 2020 in the epidemic. He set up the TikTok account on February of 2020 and began uploading dance videos. In one YouTube video Peet became famous on TikTok after he posted the video of his secret Ice Cave in his bedroom where he would sleep at times. The video became a hit in the marketplace, which prompted him to create more videos.

The web-based personality would include his father, mother and children in TikTok videos. His channel has grown in popularity due to his content. A majority videos are about family members and the things it’s to be a child in a household of small people. Peet is also known to post videos of dance. Peet is a member of TikTok, Peet currently has more than 10 million fans.

Peet’s first social media venture began with YouTube which is where Peet is very well-known. He started the YouTube channel on June 2, 2014. The YouTube channel offers a variety of videos, such as vlogs humorous skits and humorous videos. At present Peet has 7.5 million followers. Peet’s popularity grew to Instagram also, with more than 1.2 million users. Peet uses Instagram to share his pictures and humorous short videos with the members of his household.

He also posts tracks on his website that usually receive a lot of views due to his voice. Peet is a talented actor too, according to IMDB and has been featured in a variety of TV and film shows since the beginning of 2000s. Some of them include, Breaking Free in 2016 as Callum, Kleptos in 2014 as Picnic Guy, The Homecoming in 2013 as Jonas, The Big Break in 2010 as Ken, iCarly in 2010 as the Biggest Fan of iCarly, Meadowoods in 2010 as Ryan’s Friend in 2002 as Ryan’s Friend, and Highway from 2002, as Little Boy.

Peet Montzingo

Net Worth

Peet’s net worth is believed to be around $3 million. Peet’s income comes from his social media presence as a creator of content as well as acting, music, and collaborations with brands.

In terms of music, the music of Peet can be streamed through a variety of platforms on the internet, including Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. He is a member of the group 5west which recently performed in South Africa, Spain, and Europe. It’s unclear at present what he can earn through these streaming platforms, since each one adapts its earnings to particular, specific metrics that are unique to its. It is highly likely that Peet earns upwards of the 6-figure mark with these platforms.

Additionally, he’s performed live on various stages, however we don’t know exactly what he can earn or charge for live shows. Typically, these kinds of events could sell tickets, but we are not yet able to determine what price tickets for the band cost.

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Peet has been part of a number of acting projects throughout his acting career as we have mentioned earlier. We can speculate that Peet was able to earn upwards of six figures each year through the various acting roles.

When it comes to collaborations with brands are concerned, Peet has had numerous relationships with prominent brands throughout his social media experience. We don’t know what amount he might cost for a collaboration sponsored by a brand since there isn’t a publicly available record for these kinds of collaborations, but we are certain that he may have generated a significant amount of money from these partnerships and it could also be a major source of revenue.

Social Media 

Peet’s dominance in social media is evident with more than eleven million TikTok followers. On Instagram there are more than 1.3 million followers. Likewise, on YouTube the number is 7.4 million followers.

Personal Life 

Peet Montzing was born May 2, 1990 located in Seattle, Washington, United States. Peet has stated numerous times that he is the tallest person in his family. He has a father’s name Darrell and his mother’s name is Vicki Petite, has a career as an actor. He has two siblings, Andrew and Jennifer.

His brother, Peet’s is an TikTok star , and both the siblings of Peet are adoptive. The family is often featured as a guest in YouTube as well as TikTok videos. The status of his relationship is not known, so we could conclude that he’s not married.

Peet Montzingo

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Q. What are you? Peet Montzingo?

A. Peet Montizingo is an American social media influencer and actor. He is also a musician, actor and creator of content. He is most well-known as the creator of TikTok content, as also being a renowned musician for the group 5WEST..

Q. What is the age of Peet Montzingo?

A. Peet Montzing was born on the 2nd of May, 1990. He is currently 32 years old.

Q. Which is Peet Montzingo’s mom’s name?

A. The name of Peet Montzingo’s mom is Vicki Petite.

Q. Where is Peet Monzingo from?

A. Peet Montzingo is from Seattle, Washington, United Sates.

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