[People Profile] All We Know About Mmmjoemele biography, Career, Family, Networth

All We Know About Mmmjoemele biography, Career, Family, Networth

Joe Mele, is an American Internet celebrity as well as a social media influencer and a renowned TikTok celebrity. He creates hilarious and lip-syncing videos for TikTok and began uploading content onto TikTok at the beginning of of 2019 and within a short amount of time, he earned many followers.


Since the time of his death, Mele now has over 22.5 million followers. He also has 892.6 million followers on TikTok in addition to 1.5 million users on Instagram. Mele is very active on Snapchat however he isn’t as active on Twitter and Facebook. He attended an American institution within the USA.

Profiling Joe Mele

A Quick Glance At Joe Mele

Full NamesJoe Mele
Place of birthUSA
Date Of BirthDecember 15, 1998
Profile Name mmmjoemele
TikTok22.5 Million followers/ 892.6 million likes
Partner Angela Chalet
Net Worth$1 - $5 Million

While he did graduate from a local university in the USA however, the degree is not known. Since childhood, he has had an intense interest in guitar and singing and took part in a wide range of different cultural events in his school years.


In the beginning, Joe Mele’s close friends inspired him to display his talents in the eyes of everyone. He began creating video clips in of 2019 initially for fun but as his videos went viral, He began taking the art of creating content seriously. In the wake of his popularity, he made the decision to take his content creation to the next step, and learn the art of producing professional content.

Mele began posting videos frequently and he gained lots of followers and fans. He has more than 22.5 million followers and 892.5 million followers; and 8922.5 million likes.

He earned a lot of popularity by sharing humorous and inspirational captions and posts on the Instagram reels and images. There are 1.5 million Instagram followers. Instagram as well as his typical number of likes comprise between 50 and 10,000 likes. He also has an YouTube channel where frequently posts humorous content.

He has 566k subscribers and has uploaded 180 videos up to now. The YouTuber joined YouTube in February of 2020 and has posted a great deal of content featuring his dad and his girlfriend. His most watched videos is “my American dad makes fun of my girlfriend’s accent”. People love his content, and his followers on various platforms are growing every day. He also received the crown and badges via TikTok for his work.

Net worth 


Joe Mele has a net worth of between $1-$5 million. He is a multi-millionaire with many sources of income taking into account his engagement in social media, his true worth could be higher than $1.79 million. His primary source of income is Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. He earns around $17.64 each month. According to Social Blade, his estimated monthly earnings are between $25K and $400.6K and his annual earnings are $300.5K between $4.8 million and $300.5K. $4.8 million.

Personal life 

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Joe is extremely connected to his parents and occasionally his father will appear on his YouTube videos. The fans of his father and son series and, since his father is also a guitarist and he is a guitarist, they are frequently seen playing together when he uploads his YouTube channel. His parents appear to be to be very supportive and admire his work.

He has another younger brother and he also makes appearances in his videos. Joe is currently in a relationship with Angela Chalet, who is also a TikTok model as well as a social media influencer. She’s also appeared in hilarious videos with Mele and his father.

Other social media

He began in the year the year 2019, but has earned a lot appreciation from people all over the globe. He has more than 22.5 millions followers on TikTok. There are 1.5 million users on Instagram. It was his first time on YouTube on February 4 2020, and now has 566k followers. YouTube is a video streaming platform He has uploaded 180 videos to date. However, he’s not as active on Twitter as well as Facebook. His Snapchat username is joemele8.


Q. How old is Joe Mele?

A. He is aged 24

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Q. Does Joe Mele play guitar?

A. Yes, he’s been playing guitar since he was a child.

Q. Who is Joe Mele’s girlfriend?

A. Angela Chalet is his girlfriend.

Q. Is Joe Mele married?

A. He isn’t married.

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