[People Profile] All We Know About Uyi Omorogbe Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

Uyi Omorogbe Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

born in Albany, New York, Uyi Omorogbe, referred to in the digital realm as Youngyosa is taking the world of social media to the forefront. With a knack for generating humorous content that is loved by millions of people, Uyi’s story from college student to becoming a TikTok celebrity and entrepreneur is amazing. Let’s explore the details of this multi-talented creator of content and charitable donor.

Uyi Omorogbe

Uyi Omorogbe was born on October 10, 1997 at Albany, New York, is from Nigerian descent. Family is an integral part in his life. Moreover, Omorogbe has a sister called Uwa. The strong bond between the family would be the basis of his online success. Uyi’s journey to education led his towards Colgate University, where he took on his studies. While his academic studies laid the foundation, his venture into the digital world was going to take an unexpected twist.

Personal Information

Profiling Uyi Omorogbe

A Quick Glance At Uyi Omorogbe
Full NamesUyi Omorogbe
Place of birth
United state
Date Of Birth
10 July 1997
State of OriginAmerican/Nigerian
Social Media Celebrity, Content Creator and Influencer
3.9 million followers
Instagram 331K followers
Net Worth$1Million


Uyi’s rise to fame started with TikTok, a short-form online media platform, which helped launch a variety of digital careers. In April of 2020 Uyi launched his own TikTok account called Youngyosa that quickly gained popularity. Uyi’s ability to involve family members in his hilarious videos, slamming the gap between generations in the understanding of pop culture was a hit with the first generation of Americans.

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One of his memorable highlights in TikTok was the popular success that was “P-ing Off My African Parents, Part 10,” which racked up over 39 million hits. This show helped propel him into the spotlight of digital media, capturing interest of millions thanks to his unforgettable family interaction. Uyi Omorogbe’s presence on social media extends beyond TikTok. With more than 330K people following him on Instagram and a active account, posting glimpses of his personal life, lifestyle and promoting his online retail company, NASO.

NASO Uyi’s idea is much more than a clothing label. It is a blend between Western as well as African cultures by combining fashion, design and storytelling. The NASO mission is more than just fashion and aims to make an difference in education across Africa and communities that are underserved across the United States. The first significant accomplishment of NASO was the establishment of an elementary school in Urhokuosa village in Nigeria in the year 2019. the place where Uyi’s father was born and raised.

Uyi Omorogbe

Uyi Omorogbe’s entrepreneurial drive extends his entrepreneurial spirit to “The NASO Blog,” in which he provides thoughts on his journey in fashion, style and the effects he hopes to make through NASO. This blog is an avenue to share his thoughts, ambitions and mission to give the back of his Nigerian as well as American communities. Beyond his fame on the internet and his entrepreneurial initiatives, Uyi remains a relatable persona. His ability to get angry with his parents in the name of laughter, while creating a strong bond with his family is proof of his authenticity.

The most thrilling development of Uyi’s career is the NASO collaboration with Converse. Fans can look forward to an exclusive collection of NASO’s fall collection and styles in Converse’s Converse seller store located in SoHo, New York City. The collaboration features designs which represent the diaspora mixing Western and African styles through storytelling and fashion.

Net Worth

Based on the most recent estimations, Uyi Omorogbe boasts an estimated net worth of about $1 million. This staggering financial achievement is a testimony to his diverse career as a creator of content as well as a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and entrepreneur. Uyi’s fame-making rise through TikTok led to lucrative sponsorships and brand deals that have significantly contributed to his earnings. In addition, his venture into entrepreneurship, NASO, a clothing company with a mission, has not just boosted his wealth, but also allowed him to have a positive impact on the world by promoting educational opportunities in Africa and disadvantaged U.S. communities.

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Other Social Media Presence


In Instagram, Uyi Omorogbe enjoys a large following of 32,000 loyal followers. His posts regularly generate significant levels of engagement with an astounding 10 percent engagement rate. On the account on Instagram page, Uyi offers his audience an insight into his personal life and style frequently sharing photos of himself. In addition, he utilizes Instagram to advertise his online business, NASO. The Instagram presence is an important element of his digital success helping him connect with his followers, and to establish the brand’s image.

Personal Life

Uyi Omorogbe

Albany local Uyi Omorogbe, better known as Youngyosa born on the 10th of July, 1997 in the family of Amen as well as Tina Omorogbe, of Nigerian descent, went from being an Colgate University graduate to a social media star and an entrepreneur. His hilarious content has the attention of millions of people, and his deep familial ties, especially with his sister Uwa and her sister Uwa, are a key element of his success on the internet. Beyond his laughter, Uyi engages in philanthropy which adds an extra dimension to his multifaceted character.

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He’s not only an TikTok sensation, but also a digital influencer with an ear for gold. His rise to TikTok fame to the philanthropic success of NASO is a testimony to his determination, and entrepreneurial spirit. to make the world an even better place.

Uyi Omorogbe’s Top TikTok Videos

Youngyosa’s mother makes an appearance on one of his famous TikToks.

This video is among Uyi Omorogbe’s very first TikToks with a viral profile of his parents.

On this clip, Uyi Orogbe makes his parents proud with an improvement.

Uyi Omorogbe’s dad steals scene with this TikTok.

This TikTok provides the background of the Omorogbe family from Uyi.


Q: What’s the primary goal on the main focus Uyi Omorogbe’s TikTok content?

A One of his TikTok content is mostly about annoying his African parents with their humorous reactions, which resonates with first-generation Americans.

Q: What’s important about Uyi Orogbe’s clothing line, NASO?

1. NASO is a blend between Western and African styles through fashion with a philanthropic goal to promote education in Africa as well as underserved U.S. communities.

Q: What are the names of Uyi Omorogbe’s parents’ names?

A Uyi Omorogbe’s parents have names: Amen and Tina Omorogbe.

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