[People Profile] All We Know About Uncle Azeez Biography Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

Uncle Azeez Biography Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

Azeez Idowu, also known by the name of Uncle Azeez, stands out as a vivacious entertainer from Nigeria and currently living within the United States. With a range of talents that include music, engineering and dance as well as comedy Uncle Azeez has established himself as a major name in the world of content creation, captivated audiences across the globe. Born on the 24th of November 1991 in Nigeria the entertainer of 31 years old has developed a distinct presence that is a hit with a variety of audiences.

Uncle Azeez

Uncle Azeez, the multitalented entertainer, has surpassed boundaries and brought a distinctive mix of comedy, dance and music to a worldwide audience. From his humble beginnings in engineering to his transformation into a’mood changer Uncle Azeez represents the ever-changing scene that is populated by social media influencers that are not just entertaining, but make an impact on the lives of their followers.

Personal Information

Profiling Azeez Idowu

A Quick Glance At Azeez Idowu
Full NamesAzeez Idowu
Place of birth
Date Of Birth
24 November, 1991
State of OriginNigerian
Social Media Celebrity, Content Creator and Influencer
3.4 Million Followers
Instagram 414K Followers
Net Worth$1Million


In the year 2018, Uncle Azeez’s entry into show business gained momentum after two of his videos became viral, signalling the beginning of his transformation from a mathematically inclined bookworm to an actual entertainer. In love with dance and music since his childhood, he made the decision to take it on professionally. His breakthrough came after the publication of two viral videos that inspired him to take on entertainment full-time.

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Uncle Azeez’s rapid rise to fame is based on the popularity of his TikTok profile, Uncle_azeez created in May 2019 which is where he uploads hilarious dance-related challenges and funny content. His dance moves have people captivated in the street, prompting people asking about dance names and his unique Agbada costume. With more than 3.3 million TikTok followers, he’s been a facebook phenomenon. Its Twitter profile, with approximately 3.2 million people following, increases the reach of his account. He interacts with audiences across the world by instructing Afro-Dance classes, demonstrating his ability to adapt to any situation.

In the year 2018, Google featured Uncle Azeez in their “Year in Search,’ highlighting his increasing influence. In addition to his solo ventures as a co-founder of The Rice n Stew Gang (RSG) in 2019 with Yo’dele. The reach of his work is extended to collaborations with major music labels, including Quality Control Music, Mavin Records, DMW, Tekno and Zlatan.

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Net Worth

Although specific information about Uncle Azeez’s wealth are unknown according to estimates from Idolnetworth, estimates indicate a range of $100k and $1 million. His numerous income streams include collaborations, music marketing via dance videos, and instructing Afro-Dance classes. His versatility and cooperation contribute to a steady source of income which sustains his career.

Other Social Media Presence

Uncle Azeez


Uncle Azeez has a thriving Instagram presence, with 413K followers. It’s the opportunity to peek into his everyday life. It is evident that the platform has a close connection to his fans which is evident by his percentage of engagement that is 1.14 percent.


Exploring the world of music and dance on YouTube Uncle Azeez has earned 85.7K users and reached 16 millions views. His channel functions as an environment for creativity and expression, attracting a large audience with captivating videos.

Personal Life

Uncle Azeez was born on the 24th of November 1991 in Nigeria. In addition to his flamboyant online presence Azeez has a fairly private life. While the details of his parents, family members and siblings aren’t disclosed however, he has shared some snippets of his own personal story.

Growing in Lagos Azeez mastered his education in the early years through Learning Park and Fortune Private School. The pursuit of academics took his to University of Lagos, where Azeez first began to study Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. But, his pursuit of knowledge led his across over the Atlantic and to Eastern Michigan University, USA which is where he discovered his love for Mechanical Engineering.

currently single, Uncle Azeez has casually said he is in contact with female fans who contact him via direct messages. But, the entertainer is secretive about the details of his relationships with women.

Uncle Azeez’s Famous TikTok Videos

Uncle Azeez demonstrates what it’s like to live with African neighbours in the hilarious TikTok.

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Uncle Azeez is joined by his fellow TikToker Tiwa Savage to dance an amazing dance.

In this TikTok video, Uncle Azeez shows us how to get around by displaying the swag.

Uncle Azeez is hilarious in this comedy spoof of a well-known film on TikTok.

Uncle Azeez is a lyricist on the streets in this TikTok.


Uncle Azeez

Q What is Uncle Azeez’s strategy to handle negative remarks?

A: When confronted with criticism, he employs the method of a selective one, often responding, and sometimes choosing to avoid. Fans often defend him.

Q: Is Uncle Azeez dating anyone?

A Uncle Azeez is not married in the month of October 2023.

Question: In which country is Uncle Azeez was he born?

A: Uncle Azeez was born in Nigeria.

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