[People Profile] All We Know About Kira Kosarin biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Kira Kosarin biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Kira Nicolas Kosarin is a 24 year old American artist, actor and songwriter. She is well-known for her role as Phoebe Thunderman as part of the Thundermansseries produced by Nickelodeon in 2013. She began her career with music in the year 2019 on April 10, when the album she debuted on was released Off Brand. Kira has taken her career in music to the next level after signing in 2022 with Republic Records in 2022. When you look at her accomplishments thus far, it seems that Kira was meant to be in the entertainment business.

In her early years Kira always was always interested in being an entertainer. She enrolled in gymnastics and dance classes. Kira was then enrolled in a theater class. Kira is from a family of performers. Her grandparents were Broadway performers. Her mom was an actor, and her father was an record producer and music director.

Kira took part in workshops to improve her acting abilities. She moved from the Midwest to Los Angeles in 2011 to make a name for herself in the field of acting. Kira was featured in numerous films and TV shows such as Shake it Up The Thundermans, Paradise Run, One Crazy Cruise,and many more. Kira was repeatedly nominated for Favorite Female TV actress at the Kids Choice Awards in recognition of her part on The Thundermans. In the year 2000 she released her debut Album Songbird.

Apart from her work as an artist In addition, she’s a social media celebrity with accounts across various platforms on which she interacts with her fans and shares amusing videos. There are 29.2 million fans on TikTok and regularly uploads her most popular challenges announcement videos, contests, and many more. She’s also active with Instagram where she posts glimpses of her daily life to the 6.3 million fans. She also has a YouTube channel where she uploads music videos as well as covers of songs. Kira currently has 469K followers to her YouTube channel, and 317.5K followers on Twitter.

Personal Information

Profiling Kira Nicolas Kosarin

A Quick Glance Kira Nicolas Kosarin
Full NamesKira Nicolas Kosarin
Place of birthUSA
Date Of BirthOctober 7, 1997
State of OriginAmerican
Tiktok29 million followers
Instagram 6.3 million followers
YouTube469K subscribers
Net Worth$4 Million


Kira’s first performance as an actor came in the Disney film Shake It Upin 2010. Three years later, in 2013, she landed her breakout role on Nickelodeon’s sitcom The Thundermans. Kira was well-known for her performance in the role of Phoebe Thunderman and got nominated for the role several times in the Kids Choice Awards. Her first performance was on Nickelodeon’s television film One Crazy Cruisein 2015. She then appeared in numerous cameos on television shows over the years of her career as an actor. In the year 2019 it was announced that she would be a part of Hulu’s horror show “Light as a Featheras Nadia.

Before that, in the year the year of 2018, Kira stepped into the world of music and released her first single Spy. Following its success the singer released additional singles such as Vinyl The Rhythm, The Take This Outside, 47 Hours, Love Me as You Hate Me and more. She also had plans to perform the tour to advertise the album Off Brandbut she was forced to cancel it because of a hectic schedule. Kira released her album Songbirdin 2020. On March 11 2022, 2022, she debuted another single called Mood Ring.

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Kira had already been a superstar however, to expand her reach to more viewers and earn even more appreciation from followers, she decided to become an online social media celebrity in addition to making content for TikTok. On TikTok she posts regularly entertaining videos, challenges that are trending and life updates.

Kira Kosarin ‘s Net Worth

Kira Kosarin

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the estimated value of Kira Kosarin’s net worth is $4 million. Her main source of income comes from musical and acting projects. Another source of income is social media platforms, as she is charged a substantial amount of money for each sponsored post or story she posts.

Kira Kosarin’s Personal Life

Kira’s parents were artists. They are of Ashkenazi origin and descendance who came from Eastern Europe. At the time of writing, 2022, it’s hard to tell if Kira is dating or not since she frequently posts adorable photos of her boyfriend but the details aren’t disclosed. The past has seen she’s been involved in 3 romantic partnerships. Kira has been with Chase Austin from 2014 to 2015. Their relationship was short-lived. Kira has been with Nick Merico in 2014 and before that she was with Jack Griffo in 2012. Jack and Kira were spotted at the time of shooting on the film The Thundermans and were together for a brief period of time, and have continued their friendship like brothers and sister ever since.

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Kira Kosarin’s additional social media profile

Kira actively participates on all social media platform. She counts 6.3 million users on Instagram and 469K subscribers for YouTube, 317.5K followers on Twitter, 9.6 lakh followers on Facebook and 29.2 million users on TikTok.

Kira Kosarin’s most popular TikTok videos

This video is dedicated her boyfriend, whose identity are not yet publicized. The couple has been engaged on PDA and the video includes 173.1K views.

This video is the acoustic track from her newest song Mood Ring. This video is viewed 253.9K views.

The video below Kira discusses the collaboration she has in the video with Republic Records and describes how it was challenging to keep the collaboration untold.

This video was shot on filming set, during the time Kira was filming the single Mood Ring. The video is 444.9K views. Kira is stunning on camera.

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This video shows Kira plays a flashy filter game called Smash (or Pass). The film is watched by 1.3 million hits.

Q. How old is Kira Kosarin in The Thundermans?

A. Kira Kosarin was born on October 7, 1997 In 2013, when The Thundermans was released she was just 16 years old. young.

Q. Who is Kira Kosarin’s boyfriend?

A. Kira is not married and is currently in a relationship with someone. The specifics of her current boyfriend haven’t been disclosed yet.

Q. What is the net worth of Kira Kosarin in 2022?

A. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the estimated worth of Kira Kosarin is $4 million in 2022.

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