Janelle Monáe

[People Profile] All We Know About Janelle Monáe, Biography, Networth, Scandals

All We Know About Janelle Monáe, Biography, Networth, Scandals

Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monáe Robinson is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, and actress. She is signed to Atlantic Records, as well as to her own imprint, the Wondaland Arts Society. Monáe has received eight Grammy Award nominations. Monáe won an MTV Video Music Award and the ASCAP Vanguard Award in 2010.

Profiling Janelle Monáe

A Quick Glance At Janelle Monáe
Full NamesJanelle Monáe Robinson
Nationality American
Year Of Birth1 December 1985
OccupationSinger, Actor, Author
Height: 1.52 m
RelationshipsNate Wonder, Tessa Thompso
Awards WonMTV Music Awards 2013, Much Music Video Awards 2017, NME Awards 2011, Soul Train Music Award 2010 and 2013, Critics Choice Awards 2016 Etc
MoviesHomecoming, Sex, Explained, Celebrity Substitute


Janelle Monáe Religion

Monáe is Baptist! She grew up in a massive, devoutly Baptist family in Kansas City, Kansas, or as she likes to put it, “I got 50 first cousins!” Not all of them know details of her romantic life, but they have almost certainly seen her wear sheer pants and share a lollipop with Thompson in the “Make Me Feel” video

Janelle Monáe Early life

There was a lot of confusion and nonsense where I grew up, so I reacted by creating my own little world. […] I began to see how music could change lives, and I began to dream about a world where every day was like anime and Broadway, where music fell from the sky and anything could happen.

—Monáe, on her childhood musical inspiration

Janelle Monáe Robinson was born on December 1, 1985, in Kansas City, Kansas, and was raised in Quindaro, a working-class community of Kansas City. Her mother, Janet, worked as a janitor and a hotel maid. Her father, Michael Robinson Summers, was a truck driver. Monáe’s parents separated when Monáe was a toddler and her mother later married a postal worker. Monáe has a younger sister, Kimmy, from her mother’s remarriage.

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Monáe was raised Baptist and learned to sing at a local church. Her family members were musicians and performers at the local AME church, the Baptist church, and the Church of God in Christ. Monáe dreamed of being a singer and a performer from a very young age, and has cited the fictional character of Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz as a musical influence. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, which Monáe bought two copies of with her first check, was another source of inspiration. She performed songs from the album on Juneteenth talent shows, winning three years in a row.

As a teenager, Monáe was enrolled in the Coterie Theater’s Young Playwrights’ Round Table, which began writing musicals. One musical, completed when she was around the age of 12, was inspired by the 1979 Stevie Wonder album Journey Through “The Secret Life of Plants”.

Monáe attended F. L. Schlagle High School. and after high school, moved to New York City to study musical theater at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, where she was the only black woman in her class. Monáe enjoyed the experience, but feared that she might lose her edge and “sound, or look or feel like anybody else”. In a 2010 interview, Monáe explained, “I felt like that was home but I wanted to write my own musicals. I didn’t want to have to live vicariously through a character that had been played thousands of times – in a line with everybody wanting to play the same person.”

After a year and a half, Monáe dropped out of the academy and relocated to Atlanta, enrolling in Perimeter College at Georgia State University. She began writing her own music and performing around the campus. In 2003, Monáe self-released a demo album titled The Audition, which she sold out of the trunk of a Mitsubishi Galant. During this period she worked at an Office Depot but was fired for answering a fan’s e-mail using a company computer, an incident that inspired the song “Lettin’ Go”, which in turn attracted the attention of Big Boi.


Janelle Monáe Career

Monáe appeared on the Purple Ribbon All-Stars album Got Purp? Vol. 2 as well as on OutKast’s 2006 album Idlewild, where she was featured on the songs “Call the Law” and “In Your Dreams”. Big Boi told his friend Sean Combs about Monáe, of whom at the time Combs had not yet heard. Combs soon visited Monáe’s MySpace page and according to a HitQuarters interview with Bad Boy Records A&R person Daniel ‘Skid’ Mitchell, Combs loved it right away: “[He] loved her look, loved that you couldn’t see her body, loved the way she was dancing, and just loved the vibe. He felt like she has something that was different – something new and fresh.”

Monáe signed to the label, Bad Boy, in 2006. The label’s chief role was to facilitate her exposure on a much broader scale rather than developing the artist and music, because in the words of Mitchell, “She was already moving, she already had her records – she had a self-contained movement.” Combs and Big Boi wanted to take their time and build her profile organically and allow the music to grow rather than put out “a hot single which everyone jumps on, and then they fade because it’s just something of the moment.”

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Janelle Monáe | Glamcodemedia
Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monáe Personal life

During a 2011 interview with London Evening Standard, Monáe said she “only dates androids”, a reference to her musical alter-ego found in many of her songs. She also said, “I speak about androids because I think the android represents the new ‘other’. You can compare it to being a lesbian or being a gay man or being a Black woman … what I want is for people who feel oppressed or feel like the ‘other’ to connect with the music and to feel like, ‘She represents who I am.'” She added that she would talk about her sexual orientation “in due time”. In 2013, Monáe said she wants both men and women to “still be attracted to [her]” and expressed support for the LGBTQ community.

Janelle Monáe Relationship Scandals

Monáe has said she identifies with both bisexuality and pansexuality. On January 10, 2020, she tweeted the hashtag #IAmNonbinary, along with a quoted tweet, which trended on Twitter that day. Monáe said in an interview with The Cut a month after the tweet that “I tweeted the #IAmNonbinary hashtag in support of Nonbinary Day and to bring more awareness to the community. I retweeted the Steven Universe meme ‘Are you a boy or a girl? I’m an experience’ because it resonated with me, especially as someone who has pushed boundaries of gender since the beginning of my career. I feel my feminine energy, my masculine energy, and energy I can’t even explain.”

Explaining to Rolling Stone in 2018, she said “Being a queer black woman in America, someone who has been in relationships with both men and women – I consider myself to be a free-a*s motherf–ker”, she said. “I read about pansexuality and was like, ‘Oh, these are things that I identify with too.’ I’m open to learning more about who I am.”

Janelle Monáe Official IG Page 

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Janelle Monáe Networth

Net Worth: $12 Million


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