[People Profile] All We Know About Christian Dennis biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Christian Dennis biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Christian Dennis, also known as Wot Dennis, is a popular American Social media influencer as well as creator of content. He’s a self-described Ariana Grande superfan who frequently posts videos on the pop singer on his social media channels His current content ranging from beauty to fashion as well as lifestyle and comedy content as well as reactions and review posts as well.

Christian Dennis

He has amassed more than nine million subscribers via TikTok and has more than 201k subscribers on his own YouTube channel. He’s active on Instagram and currently has 839k followers.

Personal Information

Profiling Christian Dennis

A Quick Glance At Christian Dennis
Full NamesChristian Dennis
Place of birthUSA
Date Of Birth3rd April, 1996
State of OriginAmerican
Tiktok9.4 million followers
Instagram 839k followers
YouTube201k. subscribers
Spouse/PartnerTyshon Lawrence
Net WorthAround $500K


Dennis was a well-known Vine account before the app was taken down in the year 2017. Dennis has been uploading clips to the TikTok account since the beginning of March of 2020 and is sharing a range of content. He created his channel on YouTube in the month of October 2014 and began uploading his videos on the same day. Although most of his content on YouTube are focused on Ariana Grande in one form in another manner, he has also made beauty vlogs, stories, as well as response videos too.

Dennis was a fan of acting and modeling from his early years. When he was a teenager, and decided to pursue a profession in the same industry. To fulfill the dream of his childhood, he decided to showcase his skills via social media platforms, such as TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. At first, he didn’t achieve any success, however in the course of time, he’s amassed a large number of followers across all of his social media profiles. He gained fame through TikTok where some videos became viral , and since then, he has gained thousands of fans and liked on TikTok.

Christian Dennis

Dennis has broadened his audience to include pranks and tutorials as well as storytime videos, and Q&As since his time. Dennis gained fame when it was revealed Dennis was in a relationship with another TikTok actor as well as influencer Tyshon Lawrence. The couple was featured on YouTube’s channel Miss Cameroon in the video from 2016 titled “The Mini Boyfriend Tag.” A video that he shared about seeing Doja Cat performing live been viewed by more than 1.7 million heartbeats.

In his six years of being an influencer on social media His confidence about “who he is” has not waned, and his confidence in himself has been inspiring to thousands of other queer young people on the internet. The self-described pop-culture fan produces content that is based on dancing, music and makeup as well as fashion. He uploads videos that show his makeup and dancing to a new fashion, or simply having fun. Some of the videos feature his partner, Tyshon Lawrence.

Christian Dennis ‘s Net Worth

Dennis’s net worth has been estimated as being around $500k. A majority of Dennis’s earnings are from his online presence as a creator of content as well as brand collaborations and also modeling.

On TikTok The creator on TikTok could potentially earn $7k for each post, but this excludes brands-sponsored deals. On Instagram you can earn up to $2k for a post sponsored by a brand. On YouTube his earnings hover around $2k for each video, with the exception of brands-sponsored deals for which it is possible to charge up to $3k for each video.

In terms of collaborations between brands, Dennis has associated himself with numerous top brands during his professional career in social media and content creation. We don’t have any figures to prove the amount he can earn from these sponsorships however we can be sure that it is an impressive sum.

As as a model, it’s not clear what Dennis can earn from his appearances however, Dennis has been the subject of numerous photo shoots and magazines. Dennis has been model for several other brands too however, we aren’t sure of the amount Dennis could make as a model. However, we can be sure that it would be quite a large amount.

Social Media

The dominance of Dennis on Twitter is obvious with his over 9.4 million TikTok followers. On Instagram the number is 839k followers. And on YouTube there are more than 200k subscribers. He also utilizes Twitter frequently, and has just 6.7k followers.

Personal Life

Christian Dennis

Christian Dennis was born on the 3rd of April, 1996 at America. United States of America. There is no information available on his family and/or his upbringing. On his  media accounts, Dennis has shared photos of his younger brother who is 18 years older than Dennis and is six years old. According to Dennis the fact that he has been asked numerous times regarding the gender of his body since he began wearing wigs and clothes for women when he uploaded videos. In March of 2019 the YouTuber posted a video that finally addressed the issue. He claimed that he’s gay and a part in the LGBTQ+ community. His passion for makeup started in his desire to imitate Ariana Grande.

In an interview in an interview with StyleRant, Dennis also stated that he wears women’s clothing and wigs as he likes them and feels comfortable wearing these types of clothes. He was not willing to place any labels on himself, and denied having any plans to change within the next few years. For a long period, Dennis was apathetic to fan questions regarding his gender. He was aware of the reasons why people sought confirmation, but did not think it was necessary to answer questions. Dennis recorded an appearance on YouTube in March 2019 that confirmed his gender, but he claimed that the video was created for the reasons he wanted to, and not because he needed to.

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Dennis admitted that he identified as gay, and had no plans to change. He also said that wearing makeup was not a sign that he was beginning to change. “That is how I feel comfortable,” said the actor. “That myself… It’s just to let everyone knows I am a boy. I’m not thinking of changing. I don’t wish to.”

Even though he has all of the information in the TikTok biography, Dennis still gets questions about his sexuality and gender. But, he’s happy because he has a supportive system that doesn’t mind the labels and accepts him for the person he truly is. Dennis said, “I feel like my friends and followers are there for me and support me. They don’t have to be labeled. They don’t have to assign me to some thing. They are just happy that I am content with myself, and I am very happy with myself.”


Christian Dennis

Dennis is currently with his fellow TikTok popular and influential Tyshon Lawrence for over four years. Dennis and Lawrence were introduced during the same Skype meeting that was organized by their close friends. The time was when Lawrence was with another woman however, even though there was an attractionbetween them, the two did not pursue it further. They met at first at an event for social media influencers. Christian initially believed Lawrence was gay, but when the two began to talk and he realized the sexuality of Tyshon. The relationship between the two grew stronger in the latter months of 2017 and then in January of 2018, they were able to become exclusive.

Tyshon and Lawrence are often in collaboration when it comes to creating content for social media and it’s clear that they are extremely happy. “My boyfriend loves me for me,” Dennis said during his video from March. “I am blessed to have discovered someone who is there for me, and who loves me as I am. It is a blessing to be with such a person as this.” Lawrence and Dennis have recently taken a big step towards their relationship by buying their first home together.

Christian Dennis’s best TikTok videos.

Here are a few of Dennis’s most popular videos.

A hugely well-known TikTok from Dennis with more than 22 million viewers.

Another captivating video from Dennis with more than 1.5 million viewers.

A well-known dance video from Dennis with more than 9 million hits.

Another dance video that is a hit by Dennis with more than 2.1 million viewers.

A video that features Dennis’s younger brother who has over 3 million hits.

Questions about Christian Dennis

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Q. Who is Christian Dennis?

A. Christian Dennis, who is also known as Wot Dennis, is a famous American Social media influencer as well as creator. He has been dubbed an Ariana Grande superfan. He has previously uploaded videos of Ariana Grande on his social media channels, but his content on the current platform is diverse. It could include fashion, beauty and lifestyle, comedy as well as lip-sync and dance. He also reviews and reacts to videos as well.

Q. What is the gender of Christian Dennis?

A. Dennis revealed that the gay man he is identified as is a man. He dresses and wears makeup as a woman, because this is what he likes to feel at ease.

Q. Is Christian Dennis and Tyshon Lawrence are still in a relationship?

A. Yes. They’ve been in a relationship that is healthy for four years.

Q. How old is Christian Dennis?

A. Christian Dennis was born on the 3rd of April in 1996. This makes his age 26.

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