[People Profile] All We Know About Jacob Colvin biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Jacob Colvin biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Jacob Colvin (b. April 8 1991) is an American internet celebrity. He is well-known for his videos on saving sea creatures. He is famous for creating videos about getting rid of parasites in shrimps and also for informing people about ecology as well as the natural world all over the world. The first time he appeared on YouTube however, he has since grown in popularity on TikTok.

Jacob Colvin

Jacob is well-known as an avid ocean lover and providing viewers with comprehensive deep and detailed information about sea creatures. This is because Jacob holds graduated with a master’s degree of Ecology along with Natural History from Oregon University. It was his first time on TikTok in the year 2018 however, he only started to gain traction in the year 2020, when TikTok was in a boom.

In 2022, he had 13.1 million users in TikTok, 4.82 million followers on YouTube and 515k fans in Instagram as well as 91 fans on Twitter.

Personal Information

Profiling Jacob Colvin

A Quick Glance Jacob Colvin
Full NamesJacob Colvin
Place of birthOregon, United States/USA
Date Of BirthApril 8, 199
State of OriginAmerican
Tiktok13.1 million followers
Instagram 536K followers
YouTube4.82 million subscribers
Spouse/PartnerMichelle Colvin
Net Worth$1.5 million


Jacob Colvin started his social media career on YouTube which has 4.82 million users. He uploads nature and wildlife content, as well as videos that document animal rescue events. He doesn’t just post videos in long form but also many YouTube shorts. He also promotes the gaming channel of his son occasionally.

Jacob Colvin is also very well-known on TikTok which has 13.1 million users. The majority of his posts are videos of himself teaching people about nature, saving sea creatures, and demonstrating to people how to help and treat sea creatures that are trapped and being sad about one creature eating another. Jacob also makes use of humorous lines and premise to communicate his message. Jacob doesn’t upload any personal videos on his website, and also is comparatively less prolific in terms in sponsored content.

He is often seen trying to bite or even pretend to devour animals he helps that has generated some ridicule regarding his posts However, the majority of people find the idea to be bizarre instead of being an infraction that could be punished or even condemned. It has become a standard aspect of content today.

Jacob Colvin

One of the aspects that draw viewers to Jacob’s work is the way he names the living creatures that he interacts with. Jacob names his rescue animals common American names such as Jessica, Frankie, Matilda etc. This is particularly appealing to the younger crowd, who want to find content that isn’t mainstream on TikTok.

Jacob Colvin has endorsed and promoted campaigns for a variety of multinational brands. For instance, Adidas ran a marine conservation campaign at the beginning of 2022 and promoted it with the slogan “Save The Crabs”.

Jacob Colvin Net Worth

In 2022, Jacob is worth $1.5 million, as per different sources. Most of his earnings come through posts on social media.

Through YouTube, he makes between $22.5K up to $360.4K on an annual basis. If you look at a year-long basis it is $270.3K between $270.3K and $4.3M. The income he earns from TikTok is believed to be in excess of $300k per year in both sponsored and unsponsored posts.

Social Media Presence

In 2022, he had 13.1 million users of TikTok, 4.82 million followers on YouTube and 515k users of Instagram as well as 91 fans on Twitter.

Personal Life

Jacob Colvin currently resides in Oregon which is located which is located in Oregon, which is located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Jacob Colvin has been engaged to Michelle Colvin, and has one son who is called Jayce along with a daughter named Kaiah.

Jacob is reported to be an allergic person to crabs.

Top Videos

Jacob Colvin

25.8 million views

This video Jacob discusses the Purple Clam that lives in the sandy beach of Oregon. It is a relative of Octopuses and squids, and also has a purple-colored inner shell.

10.6 million views

The video Jacob makes a point of raising awareness for giant hogweeds that destroy native animals and plants, and destroy the natural environment.

11.8 million views

This video Jacob discusses prehistoric fossils and rocks that can be found at the beach, when one really looks. Jacob warns against people trying to break them as they could be dinosaur skulls. Jacob also breaks the surface of what appears to be a stone, however, it is actually a 20 million years long scalloped shell.

12.5 million views

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The video shows Jacob takes care of a freshwater shrimp named Jessica returning to her health after she’s physically damaged by a parasite that sucking blood. The parasite is said to be male and female and is resting on the living structure. They feed on the chicken Franklin and Jessica is then released go back into the water without fear of being bitten.

8.4 million views

The video Jacob discusses the idea of saving sea animals in the same way as the characters in an American monologue from a sitcom, naming the creatures, then rescuing them, bringing the animals back to their health, and providing them with human backstories.

8.7 million views

Jacob’s most viral video from 2021. Jacob tries to save Monica the shrimp. She helps her recover and lets her go. The parasite was supposed to be taken out and fed to chickens. Then, a fight broke out between the chickens, who would like to consume the parasite for themselves. Franklin the sea hen appears.

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Q. Where is Jacob Colvin live?

A. Jacob Colvin currently lives in Oregon located situated in Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

Q. Are you married? Jacob Colvin married?

A. Yes. The couple is Michelle Colvin and has two children with her: Jayce Kaiah and Jayce. Kaiah.

Q. What marine animal does Jacob Colvin allergic to?

A. Jacob Colvin is an allergic person to crabs.

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