[People Profile] All We Know About The Card Guy biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

The Card Guy biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Evan Alberto (b. 3rd January 1999) well-known as Evan The card Guy in social media is a famous American magician, and social media star. He became an overnight star on TikTok due to his magicians who used cards that he shared on the internet. The result was getting his name, TheCardGuy, which remains to be his Twitter handle until today. Alberto’s social media popularity has allowed him to achieve commercial success as a professional magician.

The Card Guy

Evan Alberto was born on 3 January 1999 in the United States, with his place of birth not known in the moment. It is age 23 as of the date of writing. His astrological signification is Capricorn. Apart from that, not much information is available about the private activities of TheCardGuy.

Alberto’s TikTok videos usually include him performing magic for others in his family, including those of his cousins who are younger. Alberto has American citizenship as a result of his birthplace, however information about his race is not easily accessible.

TheCardGuy has shared more than 3000 videos on all of his social media platforms to this point, with the bulk of his content revolves around his performing illusions and magic tricks. The most popular of his videos show his performing magic tricks alongside other well-known social media celebrities and stars.

Being a magician who is professional Alberto is among the youngest magicians who have joined the prestigious group known as “The Magic Castle”, which is a private club exclusively for magicians as well as magic enthusiasts.

Personal Information

Profiling Evan Alberto

A Quick Glance At Evan Alberto
Full NamesEvan Alberto
Place of birthLos Angeles, California/USA
Date Of Birth3 January 1999
State of OriginAmerican
Tiktok16 million followers
Instagram 1.5 million fans
YouTube2.31 million subscribers
Spouse/PartnerCassie Sharp
Net Worth$9.8 Million

As a kid, Alberto was extremely passionate with video games. He spent the majority of his time in the front of a television playing the console or at his computer. At some point, his parents decided to draw an end to the game. To make him more active and social the parents restricted the playing of video games and later was able to discipline him whenever they caught him playing. In order to keep him from being suspended, Alberto experimented with trying out various activities like sports. He eventually discovered another interest, which was the art of magic. He began at the aged of 12, and spent hours honing his skills, never knowing to him that someday all of this hard work and dedication would end up with him becoming more than magician, but a world-renowned star.

Since that moment, Alberto has spent the most of his time crafting content based on magic for the most specialized audience. He is now considered to be one of the most steadfast practitioners of the world of magic, for his efforts to revive the art of magic.

Prior to his rise to fame, Alberto used to work as a janitor, posting videos of magic shows, and then he made his breakthrough through TikTok in 2019. Since the time Alberto’s LinkedIn profile says that he’s now an accomplished professional magician who has performed for a variety of public figures and celebrities, such as Hollywood A-listers such as Will Ferrell and Charlie Sheen the famous musician and TikTok celebrity Marshmello as well as Eric Garcetti, who was the mayor of Los Angeles when Alberto performed for him.

The Card Guy

Alongside celebrities and prominent people Alberto’s Tiktok and YouTube videos typically include other social media stars as well as close friends Kevin Perry and Katie Feeny famous creators of content on TikTok.

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At present, Alberto has started a new podcast titled “It’s Tricky Games With The Card Guy” that is in the early stage. Alberto is investing much of his time to the development of his new venture that is centered around interviewing young talent to discuss their professional lives and the projects they’ve worked on. Recent episodes included people such as Clinton Kane and fellow influencer Sean Does Magic among many other people.


As we mentioned earlier, Alberto started his career as a magician when he was old 12-year-old age. He was a member of TikTok just as it began to gain recognition as a well-known social media platform between 2017 and. However, he was unable to achieve fame and popularity until the year 2019, after which he was able to get the top position on TikTok’s list of the most popular users after he tweeted himself in December of this year. In the following months on TikTok Alberto’s profile The Card Guy quickly started increasing followers until it reached the milestone of two-digit million followers. He is among the most well-known magic-themed content creators.

In addition to his dazzling appearance in TikTok, Alberto has quite his following on YouTube too. In June 2022, Alberto has a record-breaking 662,340,604 views on YouTube in all, where Alberto also posts his vlogs.

The most watched video on YouTube is “Best Optical Illusions” and has had 12 million views.

The most popular video he posted, which was entitled CRAZY CRACK MAGIC TRICK THROUGH your screen, garnered more than 6.3 million views and was a part of the very top of the TikTok celebrities list, which included Chase Hudson, Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, and Dixie D’Amelio.

Net Worth

The Card Guy

The renowned magician , illusionist, and illusionist is able make an approximate net worth which could be in the region of $9.8 million, according to Net Worth Spot. Alberto makes a large portion of his incredible valuation via his social media accounts, including Adsense through the YouTube channel.

Personal Life

A little bit of information is available on his life Evan Alberto – The Card Guy. In his long life, Alberto maintained a relatively low profile, and has not had any involvement in controversy incidents or negative media generally.

The most important detail Alberto has released about his love life with girlfriend Cassie Sharp. According to reports, they’ve been together for quite a long period of time and are extremely content with each other, as shown by the numerous photos Alberto publishes through the Instagram account. A video from 2020 on his channel that is popular shows that he has moved into a home with his closest friends and partner, Cassie Sharp, in Los Angeles.

Their relationship appears to be growing stronger and appears to be moving toward getting married, with different sources saying that, since moving to LA He has purchased an apartment and is living with Cassie although the reports are not confirmed.

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Other Social Media Presence

Presently, TheCardGuy has over 16.7 million followers on TikTok, 2.03 million subscribers on YouTube as well as a tiny 1,155 followers on Twitter. The CardGuy also has more than 1.5 million fans on Instagram.

Top Videos

The most watched and viral TikTok until now continues to be this mind-bending video, which has been viewed over 51 million times , and has been liked by more than 3.8 millions of times.

Another illusion video takes the title of one of Evan’s most watched videos, with more than 11.1 million hits and 729,000 likes.

Another Evan’s most popular TikTok videos is another illusion-based video, which has been liked more than 690,000 times, and more than 1 million viewers.

Alberto’s compilation video featuring all his famous illusion-based TikTok has accumulated more than 12 million viewers on YouTube with more than 335,000 likes.

The Card Guy

Alberto’s video of collaboration featuring TikTok’s most viewed house that is a collaborative one, Hype House which features Chase Hudson, Addison Rae, Alex Warren & more has been viewed more than millions of times. It also is viewed more than 108,000 followers.

Q. Is The card guy’s actual name? And is he wealthy?

A. Evan Alberto is the real name of the well-known social media celebrity, The Card Guy. He has amassed an net worth of around $9 million, based on various sources from his work as magician professional and his widely popular social media profiles.

Q. Does The Card Guy teach magic?

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A. Alberto hosted a free class titled The Magical Secrets and Entrepreneurship in collaboration in collaboration with Varsity Tutors, which featured two sessions, one focused specifically on magic and the second on the best ways to create your brand and utilize technology to create your dream job.

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