[Lyrics] Gzone – Try Again


make i try again, I wan try again
make i try again, you know, i wan try again


But you know say I Dey try
You go understand if you look in my eye
Sometimes I feel like I failed., so deep down me I want another life
(Make I try again x4)

Verse 1

I Dey see my guys wey blow I Dey feel like one hater
Where I desperate reach., I fit trust Satan
Drop song., even close friends no Dey repost
Pursuing my goal., hoping say keeper no Dey the post yo
Fake life go make guys Dey take life
Girls on iG go pay for things to create likes
Take smile collect cash from 8guys
All I been need na stand by gen incase them take light
But simple life no be all these people expectation
Break up you go still need to be your ex temptation
Life no easy., see as them waste extentacion
Lord borrow me one life for the next generation


While gay men Dey get money Dey crack ass
I Dey record with one coke and crackers
Hustle to buy motor before cars cast
Hoping I achieve all of these before I turn carcass
I swear to God I really wanna become devils agent
Cus pastors wey trend these days all of them na devils agent
I never hear anything wey resemble fearful made men
People wey hold money government no see a cell to take them
Interpol join forces with efcc
But a billionaire tey inside cell? Pls shift let me see
This life is like., fuck integrity
Get that money any how (get the clout mhen) fuck intensity



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