[Lyrics] Gzone – I Don’t Feel Special Anymore

I Don’t feel special Anymore

(Verse 1)
Mama said we the royal priesthood
One thousand by my side and none go hit
She said we protected
Sons of Zion never be molested
I was starting to think We can’t be touched
Your son died in a burning house
I guess we can be torched
Like, How u had to die in the sickest way
Shows there’s nothing special in our dna
Please explain
Why u felt those wicked pain
Instilled by devil on a Christian faith
Did we get played ?
must be Interesting
Heard the strong survive and the weakest pray
Watched u pray daily with you lifted hands
I felt joy cus I thought heaven had our back
Next thing I saw you dying over a fucking heart attack

No mama
I don’t feel special anymore
Mhen I really feel like anyone
Feeling a whore
Who can get done by anyone
I don’t feel special any more (x2

Verse 2
Papa died at thirty six
Mama died 32
Mhen in no time I’ll be thirty too
I’m scared like do we have a family sin
Or is death before 40 a family thing ?
My babe sis say make she carry sugar daddy
You need a wealth husband and not some dude that’s rapping
My whole life I’ve been talked down on
Anytime I fit explode call me young cannon
I done put dudes on wey dey pap today
But I no be their first choice when it’s time to pay
I get my day ones though I hope they real with me
Sometimes I get my doubt why them stick with me
If I no stand well Shey them go chill with me
If I homeless say Geezie come live with me
No be say I dey insecure ., but I been special before … but today



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