[Lyrics] Gzone – A Love’s Tale


Can’t lie you been more than a bedrock
And this is more than a mere song
These are facts that’s been eating me up
How u took my emptiness and you filling me up
I been a coward in face of love
I made u look back many times you should’ve faced your front
I wasn’t ready but you made me
And if by any chance I’m a man today., you made me …

You took chances I dare not take
U made choices I feared to make
And I’m here today
Ashamed I might be the weak link in your face
It takes a while for a man to mature
Many of your type would’ve gone for a guy or a man who’s mature
I don’t know what you see in me
I owe u more than a lifetime Bae cus u believed in me

I’m sorry for all the pain i caused ya
The way I’m structured
I might be prone to be swayed and fucked up
I ain’t accustomed
To the fact I might have to bow to your ways and customs
You prayed and called God
Away from your mom
Cus you got my seed I was afraid and just dumb
I stayed and locked up
Hoping for the worse in my mind I’m afraid I fucked up
And your paps threatening he would take and lock up
The unfortunate dude who got his daughter knocked up
Still wondering how you took it with a pinch of salt
And your cooking? never over a pinch of salt
You stayed calm and then you brought peace ofcus
Now feel free to call my handsome kid your son

I never saw the good you was doing then
Stayed off the radar of rich and unruly men
Saw your peers calling you a stupid girl
Cus you saw no sense in what they was doing then

They might say u lie around
I’ll prolly lie in bed lying about things I promised not to lie about
I want a slay mama
Look beyond the wrapper you dey tie around
A slay queen couldn’t circle with you in a rounder bout

Who cares you got fat ., round and about
Come here serve me that sharki and round about
Let’s gist and laugh about
Those stuff in the past I got sad about…i’m out


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