[Lyrics] Gzone – Try Again (Raga Version)

Try Again Raga Version

But you know say i dey try, you go understand if you look in my eye
sometimes i feel like i failed
so deep down me i want another life
make i try again
i wan try again
make i try again, you know i wan try again.

(Verse 1)
Every morning when I wake me a sip ah liquor
Cus these experiences me never witness before
One day I’m trying to relax next I’m a father figure
Watching my life drag by and my career Dey fall
Mama told me I go shine again if I never relent
Papa told me if I loose guard I fit worry for rent

So never lose faith make we dey carry Dey go
Never mind all the wahala wey we carry for road
Even as alla my people done dey sare Dey blow
E just show say you go follow also kill the show


For the most of my life I done leave alone
Hustling while I’m hope someone gives a loan
So many of my guys run go Serria Loan just to build ah home in Ivory coast
No be ordinary eye make them guys Dey japa
Some of Dey ah cope if they light ah ganja
Some of our deals na over the counter
If no be for G the street go dry like kpanla

I drop over six tapes and the streets no pay Omo please which way
Every single little pain wey life done make me face Omo I need a replay




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