[Lyrics] Gzone ft Jayrap – Y2K9 Bad Boi


Nigga you don’t know a thing about me
Fuck around and get the thing around me.,
(Jayrapicon: It’s a fitted knife G.,)
Girls know the drill about me
I ain’t fucking paying your dowry

(Verse 1) Gzone
Im blessed., something like the best in the group .,
have a really big girl texting me boobs , I’m obsessed with the nudes
I’m Here having sex in the coup ., exes them many too
High class nigga., I built the stairs in the school .,
Studying yahoo., but I told him medicine is cool .,
I’m Godly but you see I’m devilish too., your church lied., you should know the devil is cool.,
Stronger than …, X-men., Batman, Hercules too.,
I thought you knew
I’m a no go nigha .,
Turn your main chick to olosho nigga
Showed her the big daddy in a motor nigga
She shout see Dick eh! Tonto nigga
Next thing I put it in her Toto nigga
Said she’ll like to see my country Togo niga
No JD I’m Def.. so so nigga


(Verse ii)
I know I’m fire I can feel my heat in a cold
I know you’d rather fuck with JayZ and J Cole
But non of y’all opinion be making me whole
Tough guy., well I know your babe is a hoe
Making a show pack., raking in dough
While these other battle rappers faking the fo’
The idea’s portraying how we raised in the zone
Got me wondering., why these niggas faking it for
Your gun talk nigga? I ain’t playing with y’all
I’m intense., ill., I ain’t playing with chores
Unserious niggas really funny when they talk
It’s why I use ur words play., I ain’t playing with words



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