[Lyrics] Gzone ft Jomo – Tell Me

Gzone you good, but you no too bad.
Gzone Gzone, you sabi perform o, but no confidence
Gzone you sabi write, but your lyrics no gel.
People go like your song o, but complain go dey..
you get.

(Gzone) Hook
Look tell me what u telling me
(E no matter what u telling me)
cus telling me u friend of me doesnt mean that u friend of me
nighas ouchea telling me what they not really telling me
And shii is getting scarily outta my lil pedigree.

So tell me what u telling me when u telling me enemies be coming for my kinetic energy fam bury me
If my heart ever perishing off the bullshit u telling me., cuz telling me was anything aside from medicine

(verse 1)
Look, Tell me when I’m wrong
Tell me if I’m right
I fit tell u say na white but I am being color blind
Tell me if I’m high never tell me while your sober
Tell me if I deserve a Ferrari or Corolla
Tell me if you wimmi., tell me if you not
Cus today I be winning and tomorrow maybe not
Tell me why u so rough
Tell me why u porous
Tell me why u no say make Koruz carry the chorus
Tell me why u hating on errbady that made it
Tell why u pissed when I holla mama I made it
Tell me why u wanna go and fucken burn in hades
Tell me why u think u the only one for the ladies.
Tell me why in the club on gapa on ball
But anytime mama call u acting like gbese por
Just tell me why u dey act like who dem curse bro
Guilty Na why heart too dey cut bro
Tell me Wetin You dey talk behind the closed curtain
Cuz if i waka pass I see u dey close curtain
Na slap I go tear u like clothes cutting
Great in the making likes goats fucking
Tell me why u got yours and wanna hold mine
I spring a surprise u come be like oh my
Amazed at wah I do when I hold mic
I’ll double what you’re offering like say I hold tight


(Verse 2)Gzone
Show some respect cus u know say ama don
Haters go holla our name u know say ama Dawun
Tell me why you think say our pepper no rest
Na To shine like Messi make Pepe no rest
Tell why you tell Me what u no suppose tell me
Telling me say alla my mates don dey blow heavy
Say Oru no dey try why I no try eny
Loyal boys no dey afford henny
Tell me why u think say u fit tell me what u tell me
Like you got me in your heart and u wan see me for Telly
But u see my post and you no consider to share me
How think say all these other mofos go hear me
Tell if you love me., tell me if you don’t
Cus me I be ass I go tell u when u flop
Tell u when u flip., tell u when u fucked
And if I no dey your top., no go near u when u fall
Tell me why u like to dey prey on your mate
U make am kneel like say all your grace
Just Cus he needed one favour or pay
And u telling me that u labored for days
Tell what you’ll do if I no get what to do if everything I do turns out to be fluke
Or tell me you’d join the crew wey go boo
Just tell where u stand and stop being a crook



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