Kwara Arabic Students’ Brutality

The school authorities are under fire for brutalizing five students, including a girl, for attending a party.

The Mudir (Head) of Musbaudeen Al Islamy Arabic School has been lambasted by a Nigerian activist.
The activist, Abdullah Ayofe charged the Kwara government to prosecute the head of the school.
They were accused of frolicking and taking alcohol but the learners denied the allegations.
Four men (supposedly Alfas) jointly flogged the students, leaving marks all over their bodies.
Others cheered and urged the quartet to whip mercilessly as they carried out the “punishment”
In a Facebook post, Ayofe explained that the victims attended the event in honour of one of their colleagues after Madrasah hour.
Ayofe noted that in the pictures circulating, Malt, Predator and Fayrouz were the drinks the students ordered not alcohol.
The Awoko Kwara official lamented the harsh treatment and vowed that the public will not allow the matter to be swept under the carpet.
“It’s a normal thing to grace the birthday celebration of a friend. We’ll not let this unlawful punishment go scot-free.
“Rich men invite Alfas for birthday prayers organized in a gathering, so why such illicit and miserable judgment?
“The Mudir and those four guys who mercilessly flogged a lady for no reason must face trial.
“Human rights protection services must take up this matter. I plead everyone across the nation to look into this.”
Ayofe added that the founder of Misbaudeen Al Islamy Arabic School must, “apologize publicly after he faces his trial”.
Following the outrage, the Kwara State government suspended the Madrasah Arabic School Mudir Sunday night.

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