[People Profile] All We Know About Joshua Weissman biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Joshua Weissman biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

American TikTok celebrity and popular foodie Joshua Weissman has stunned the world of social media by his mix of spices. The creator of content is renowned for his innovative ideas on cooking, as well as his various food videos.

Joshua Weissman

Joshua Weissman’s content is diverse to it, which has attracted the majority of his followers to his videos. Alongside his channel on YouTube, he’s created his own social media accounts on which he interacts with his followers and followers.

Personal Information

Profiling Joshua Weissman

A Quick Joshua Weissman
Full NamesJoshua Weissman
Place of birthUSA
Date Of Birth

9th January 1996
ProfessionTiktoker, YouTuber, Social Media Celebrity, Content Creator, and Influencer
State of OriginAmerican
Spouse/PartnerKate Rosendahl
TikTok7 million followers
Instagram1.5 million followers
Net Worth$5Million


Before his entry into the social media world, Joshua Weissman was a fully-fledged chef and worked in restaurants to earn a living. In 2014, the social media guru began his journey via YouTube and later, he expanded his reach by joining the crowded market of TikTok.

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Joshua Weissman’s TikTok account is known under the handle “@flakeysalt” and has a total of 6.8 million followers. He has accumulated an impressive total of 165.5 million followers through the app. The majority of the videos posted that are uploaded to the platform are his cooking videos in which the chef uploads recipes for his followers.

Net Worth

Joshua Weissman is said to have a net worth of at between $1 million and $5 million by 2023 according to different sources on the internet. The majority of his earnings are being earned through his restaurants, while the remainder is the income he earns through his online videos.

Other Social Presence

Although Joshua Weissman does have a popular TikTok account, he’s created account on various social platforms in order to be in a position to interact with his fans more.

Joshua Weissman


Joshua Weissman has an Instagram account with the handle “@joshuaweissman” and has a following of 1.5 million, with over 3000 posts posted on the account. He has collaborated with a wide range of famous and well-known celebrities and has shared videos of his adventures on Instagram.


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Joshua Weissman started his YouTube channel in 2014, showing a variety of recipes and ensuring that viewers are completely interested in his content. His YouTube channel under his name has accumulated the sum of 74.4 million subscribers, with 504 videos posted online. The channel has posted a variety of videos that cover diverse recipes as well as challenges and collaborations. His most watched videos on the channel is ” Making the Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich at home, But Better,” which received 1.2 million views three years.

Personal Information

Born on the 9th of January, 1997, Joshua Weissman has reached 27 years old and is an Zodiac Sign of Capricorn. Born and raised in a wealthy familial located in the United States, Joshua currently lives in Austin, Texas. While there’s no details about his father but it is possible to see his mom Lynn Weissman in many of his videos.

When it comes to his personal relationships in 2023, Joshua Weissman is currently in an affair with his long-time love Kate Rosendahl. There aren’t any reports in any of his previous relationships.

Joshua Weissman

Here’s a short video in which Joshua illustrates how he transforms a steak from AT into something new.

Joshua Weissman demonstrates an easy trick to unlock the crab leg.

This video showcases Joshua Weissman’s recipe for butter-mashed potatoes.

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The video below Joshua talks about how he prepares his own hot sauce.

The video below Joshua shows you how he prepares his version of waffle fries.

Joshua Weissman

FAQs on Joshua Weissman.

Q. What’s Joshua Weissman known for?

A. American YouTuber Joshua Weissman is well-known for his many recipes that he posts on his social media channels.

Q. How tall is Joshua Weissman?

A. Joshua Weissman stands at 6.9 feet 1 in.

Q. What kind of knives are used by Joshua Weissman?

A. Joshua Weissman is the owner of Wusthof, Global, and Shun knives. As per his opinion, Shun is sharpest which is why it is his top choice. Shun was his first knife.

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