[People Profile] All We Know About Joe Brtolozzi biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Joe Brtolozzi biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Joe Bartolozzi is a popular American TikTok actor and popular social media celebrity in his profession. He is well-known for the comedy content he posts through his TikTok account, which is called joe.bartolozzi. He owns 22.7 millions TikTok followers 350k Instagram followers 1.49 million subscribers to YouTube and on Twitch there are 888k followers. He is famous for his opinions about American or international media media,

Joe Bartolozzi

A popular figure for his attractive physique that he regularly maintains, Bartolozzi has accumulated a massive following on social media platforms, as previously mentioned. He has also gained popularity across the globe for live-streaming video content via Twitch, Instagram, and Youtube. The content he is most popularly viewed due to his incredible life vlogs that he has posted on his own YouTube channel, and also for sharing various pictures of his daily life, lifestyle and videos, as well as music-related content via his Instagram.

Personal Information

Profiling Joe Bartolozzi

A Quick Joe Bartolozzi
Full NamesJoe Bartolozzi
Place of birthAlabama USA
Date Of Birth
6th February 2002
ProfessionTiktoker, YouTuber, Social Media Celebrity, Content Creator, and Influencer
State of OriginAmerican
Spouse/PartnerBrooke Armitage
TikTok22.7 million

Net Worth$1.5Million


Bartolozzi discovered his creativity in a young age when he was studying in the elementary schools. He learned how to create content by watching television shows and videos. He began his creative journey with his Musical.ly application (now TikTok) and gradually moved to other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch. Since then, his videos have featured a range of personal

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experiences from everyday activities to the everyday necessities of life, Bartolozzi has managed to convey a sense of likability in his videos. Being aware that his followers love his content and are able to connect with his work inspires and inspires him to provide them with the best.

Bartolozzi was always fascinated by sports. He has stated that his initial ambition was to be an athlete however it wasn’t until the idea of creating content piqued his interest. He was a participant in athletic activities at his school, in the early days of his desire to pursue a career in sports. The passion for sports has continued to grow until now. He has participated in of numerous competitions at the college and school and has also won medals in relay, high jump and hurdle race among other things. A recent Instagram post of his shows him sporting numerous silver medals from his freshman year, which ended in June of 2018.

Bartolozzi started his short-form film-making journey through the Musical.ly application. He built a huge following on the app in just several months after his funny comedy videos became to the top of the charts. After the brand was acquired by ByteDance His popularity increased on the recently revamped TikTok application. Joe gained millions of followers in the space of a few months after posting videos of lip-sync and comedy. With

Joe Bartolozzi

his growing following, Joe got recognition as one of the most popular TikTok starlets in America.


While he’s known as an influencer on social media and is a lot more famous on TikTok but he also enjoys the YouTube format as well. He uploads gaming videos travel vlogs, life posts, and even snippets on the content he streams on his Twitch streams. He began his YouTube journey on the 2nd of June the 2nd of June, 2020. He uploaded his first video under the title “Why I hate Public Bathrooms. Vibe Talks Episode 1″ on Jul 7, 2020. The first video he posted was about gaming and lifestyle that earned him plenty of attention. His first video received millions of views and a plethora of likes. Some of his most viewed videos include “Morgz Purchases Fake Jewelery for Views What? ?”, “Not The Among Us Meal ….”, “The Worlds Hottest Chip …”, “This Game Made Me Cry ..”, “People On TLC Can’t Be Real …”. Each of his videos receives more than a million views, and the channel on YouTube has accumulated more than 9000 viewers.

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Net Worth

According Net Worth Spot Joe Bartolozzi is estimated to be worth approximately $1.5 million. His main income comes through his social media profile as an creator of content. Through TikTok, Bartolozzi could potentially earn up to $16k, not including brand-sponsored deals. On Instagram it is possible to earn upwards of $5k on posts sponsored by brands. On YouTube his earnings have been around $200k. On average, he earns about $2k per video with the exception of the brand-sponsored content. In Twitch, Bartolozzi could make up to $5k or more per stream.

Social Media

Joe Bartolozzi currently has 18.6 million TikTok followers 2,98k Instagram followers 916k YouTube subscribers and on Twitch the number of followers is 888k.

Personal Life

Born on February 6, 2002. Joe Bartolozzi is 21 years old in 2023. He was raised in a stable Christian family from New Jersey, United States. The man is American by birth and holds an interest in Christianity. He began his education at an elementary school located within New Jersey, United States. Following that, he enrolled himself in a local private college located in New Jersey from where he is currently studying for his degree.

Joe Bartolozzi comes from a middle-class family. Her name was Kimberly E Chapman. He was raised with his sibling Angelina Bartolozzi. Angelina is a well-known dancer, and also very active in social media. Philo W Chapman and Maxine Chapman are the parents of Joe However, there’s no information on his father.

Joe Bartolozzi is unmarried. He is currently in a relationship with the model Brooke Armitage. There isn’t any information about any of his relationships in the past.

Joe Bartolozzi

Top Videos

A comedy video created by Joe Bartolozzi.

A video entitled “Man caught a slurp fish IRL” in which Joe is reacting to a viral video in which someone captures the fish that looks like that of Fortnite.

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A funny meme video from Joe Bartolozzi where he tells his girlfriend he couldn’t be a fan of her if she were the Worm.

Another hilarious video from Joe who reacts to yet another Tik Tok game.

Video with the caption “terrified” by Joe where Joe tells the story of an encounter with the manatee.


Q. Who is Joe Bartolozzi?

A. Joe Bartolozzi is an incredibly popular American TikTok celebrity and popular social media celebrity by profession. He is well-known for the comedy content he posts through her TikTok account, which is named joe.bartolozzi. He owns 18.6 million TikTok followers 298k Instagram followers, 916k YouTube subscribers and on Twitch there are 888k followers.

Q. How old is Joe Bartolozzi?

A. Born on February 6, 2002 Joe Bartolozzi’s age was 20 years old as of 2022.

Q. What are Joe Bartolozzi from?

A. Born and was raised within New Jersey, United States.

Q. What is Joe Bartolozzi’s networth??

A. Based on Net Worth Spot Joe Bartolozzi is estimated to be worth about $1.5 million.

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