Scientists confirm: Being forgetful is a sign of very high intelligence

Everyone occasionally forgets something. It can be something like leaving your umbrella at home or an address that disappears from your brain. It’s often difficult to keep track of all the passwords we need to remember today. We’ve all probably tried various memory exercises and tricks over the years to improve our memory, but it rarely works. Maybe accepting that you’re a little forgetful and probably good at something else is just fair. We found some fantastic research, however, some time ago, which is about forgetfulness! It’s a study that came to an incredible conclusion. It turns out that having a bad memory can be a good thing. Of course, forgetting things from time to time is difficult for a person, but this could be a sign of increased intelligence.

Yes, in the future you should probably stop giving yourself a hard time about how forgetful you are. This new research indicates that forgetfulness can be a sign of very high intelligence. You probably thought it was the other way around, but it’s not.

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People with the best memories sometimes forget about relatively unnecessary details. So if you forgot the directions to that new restaurant, it’s probably because you have more crucially important things on your mind.

Instead, if you remembered every little detail, then it would mean that you have a hard time making decisions because you have so much competing data taking part of your thought process.

A smart person’s brain lets go of things that it no longer needs, which facilitates thinking and decision making.

Makes sense, when you think about it!

So from now on, you can stop putting yourself down over all the little things that escape the brain. Instead, you can think about yourself as a very intelligent person who has considerably more important things to think about.

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