[People Profile] All We Know About Deevah Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

Deevah Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

[People Profile] All We Know About Deevah Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

Profiling Deevah

A Quick Glance At Deevah

Full NamesOkeke Alexandra Onyebuchi
Stage NameDeevah
Date Of Birth21 February 1987
Age37 Years Old
State of OriginSoutheastern
OccupationCross-Dresser, Model
Marital StatusSingle
Academics Tai Solarin University of Education
Net Worth$100,000-$200,000 (USD)

Deevah Biography

Okeke Alexandra Onyebuchi, widely known by her pseudonym “Deevah,” was born on February 21, 1987. Within Nigeria, she has garnered significant recognition for her identity as a transgender individual and her inclination towards cross-dressing. Her multifaceted persona encompasses not only her expression but also her active involvement in advocacy efforts within the transgender community.

Beyond her journey, Deevah has made considerable strides in the realm of fashion, carving out a notable career as a fashion model. Her presence within the industry serves as a testament to her talent and resilience, as she navigates through societal norms and expectations.

One of Deevah’s noteworthy contributions lies in her role as a transgender activist. Through her advocacy work, she tirelessly campaigns for the rights and visibility of transgender individuals in Nigerian society. Her efforts extend beyond mere representation, aiming to challenge and dismantle the discriminatory structures that often marginalize the transgender community.

In her pursuit of social justice, Deevah has not shied away from confronting prominent figures within the influencer sphere, including Bobrisky and James Brown. She has been vocal in her criticisms, pointing out how their actions and personas contribute to the reinforcement of harmful stereotypes about transgender individuals in Nigeria. By raising awareness and initiating discourse on this matter, Deevah endeavors to foster a more inclusive and accepting environment for the transgender community in her country.

Early Life & Education

In the formative years of her life, Deevah, a transgender individual from the Igbo tribe, entered the world on February 21, 1987, amidst the vibrant culture of southeastern Nigeria. Growing up, she was nurtured within the loving embrace of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Onyebuchi, who provided her with the support and encouragement needed to navigate the complexities of identity and self-discovery.

While the contours of her familial landscape are somewhat illuminated, details surrounding the existence and dynamics of potential siblings remain veiled in secrecy, perhaps indicative of a desire for privacy or a deliberate choice to maintain a discreet profile.

In her pursuit of knowledge and personal development, Deevah embarked on the journey of education, although the precise institutions that shaped her intellectual and academic growth remain shrouded in mystery. The enigma surrounding her alma mater adds an intriguing layer to her narrative, leaving room for speculation and curiosity about the formative experiences that contributed to shaping her worldview and aspirations.


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How old is Deevah? She was born on the 21st if February 1987, and she is 37 years old as of 2024.


[People Profile] All We Know About Deevah Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

Deevah’s career is a rich tapestry woven with threads of resilience, creativity, and unyielding determination. From her early forays into the world of fashion to her emergence as a prominent figure in the realm of transgender advocacy, her professional journey is as diverse as it is inspiring.

With a natural flair for style and self-expression, Deevah first made her mark on the fashion scene, captivating audiences with her unique blend of elegance and edginess. Her presence on the runway and in editorial spreads served as a beacon of inclusivity, challenging conventional beauty standards and paving the way for greater diversity within the industry.

As her career flourished, Deevah began to channel her passion for social change into advocacy work, becoming a vocal advocate for transgender rights and representation. Through her activism, she has spearheaded campaigns, raised awareness, and challenged societal norms, all with the aim of fostering greater acceptance and understanding for the transgender community.

In parallel to her advocacy efforts, Deevah has also cultivated her talents as an artist, using her creative expression as a platform to amplify marginalized voices and provoke thought-provoking dialogue. Her artistry transcends boundaries, weaving together themes of identity, empowerment, and resilience in a captivating tapestry of color and form.

Throughout her career, Deevah has faced challenges and obstacles, but each setback has only served to fuel her determination to effect change and make a lasting impact on the world around her. As she continues to push boundaries and break barriers, her career serves as a testament to the power of authenticity, passion, and unwavering commitment to one’s beliefs.


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Personal Life

[People Profile] All We Know About Deevah Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

In the private realm of her personal life, Deevah, now in her thirty-seventh year, maintains a deliberate veil of secrecy surrounding her romantic entanglements and familial connections. Despite the prying eyes of the media, she steadfastly guards the sanctity of her intimate affairs, choosing not to divulge details about her relationships or any potential familial bonds.

The intricacies of her heart, whether it beats in tandem with another or remains solitary in its rhythm, remain obscured from public scrutiny. Speculation abounds as to whether she shares her life’s journey with a partner or whether the pitter-patter of little feet fills her home with the joyous chaos of parenthood. Yet, amidst the speculation and conjecture, Deevah remains resolute in her commitment to privacy, steadfastly refusing to yield to the pressure of societal expectations regarding the disclosure of such personal matters.

It is within this guarded enclave of her personal life that the enigma of her marital status and familial connections persists. The absence of clarity regarding these aspects of her existence only adds to the intrigue that surrounds her persona, fueling curiosity and prompting contemplation about the complexities that lie beneath the surface.

Nevertheless, amidst the mysteries that shroud her personal life, one certainty remains unwavering: Deevah’s professional achievements stand as a testament to her dedication and prowess. Her marital status and the details of her personal life stand as inconsequential variables in the equation of her success, for it is her talent, diligence, and passion that propel her toward greater heights in her career.


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Net Worth

In the realm of financial standing, Deevah, the illustrious transgender activist, fashion luminary, and artistic visionary, commands a net worth that navigates between the realms of $100,000 to $200,000. This substantial figure stands as a testament not only to her multifaceted talents but also to the recognition and acclaim she has garnered throughout her diverse career pursuits.

At the forefront of her endeavors lies her unwavering commitment to advocating for the rights and visibility of transgender individuals. Through her activism, Deevah has carved out a formidable reputation as a staunch champion of equality and justice, tirelessly advocating for societal acceptance and legal protections for the transgender community. The impact of her advocacy work resonates far and wide, further solidifying her position as a trailblazer in the realm of social change.

In addition to her activism, Deevah has established herself as a luminous figure within the fashion industry, gracing runways and ad campaigns with her captivating presence. Her success as a model transcends mere aesthetics, serving as a powerful statement of empowerment and inclusivity within an industry often steeped in tradition and conformity.

Furthermore, Deevah’s artistic endeavors have contributed to the tapestry of her net worth, with her creative expressions captivating audiences and collectors alike. Through her artistry, she transcends boundaries, challenging perceptions and sparking dialogue on issues of identity, representation, and societal norms.

In summation, Deevah’s net worth stands as a reflection of her multifaceted talents, her unwavering dedication to advocacy, and her indomitable spirit in the face of adversity. As she continues to chart her course through the realms of activism, fashion, and artistry, her financial standing serves as a testament to the profound impact of her endeavors on both the cultural landscape and the hearts of those she inspires.

Social Media

You can follow through the social media handles below:

  • Instagram handle: @dee_vaaah – okeke alexandra onyebuchi

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