[People Profile] All We Know About Yeah I’m Caroline biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Yeah I’m Caroline biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Caroline Carr, also known as Yeah I’m Caroline, is an American social media personality, musician, cosplay artist and content creator. Her comedic content has made her a hugely popular figure on TikTok. She also has thousands upon thousands of YouTube and Instagram followers.

Yeah I’m Caroline

Caroline has posted more than 2.8k times to TikTok. Her gothic style, monochrome hairstyles and tattoos are well-known, as is her humorous personality. Her eye-catching Instagram photos and videos are also well-known.

Caroline is well-known for her parody videos and moving recordings. She also performs lip sync content on TikTok. Her Instagram account is a great place to see her bizarre style of beauty and fashion. She is well-known for her TikTok joke art skills and is currently a “muser” delegate.

Personal Information

Profiling Caroline Carr

A Quick Glance At Caroline Carr
Full NamesCaroline Carr
Place of birth USA
Date Of BirthNovember 28, 2001
State of OriginAmerican
instagram553k Followers
Youtube29k Subscribers
Tiktok10.1 Million Followers
TWITTERFollowers: 5.2k
Net Worth$500k


Carr made her debut on social media in 2016 with her first YouTube video. She is now well-known for her comedy montages, dubs and duets on TikTok. In 2018, she joined TikTok, followed by other social media platforms like Instagram. She quickly rose to prominence. Her cosplay photos were mostly shared on Instagram. Her TikTok content was unique and fun, which earned her an impressive following. She also shares her makeup skills and creates various cosplays from comics to animation.

Carr is also a model and creator of beauty content. She occasionally sings songs. Carr currently has more than 10 million followers on TikTok. Her content includes a lot fashion and beauty hauls as well as comedy montages. Her videos have been liked by more than 440 million people.

Carr is active on YouTube as well as Tiktok. Her YouTube channel, also named “Yeah. I’m Caroline”, has over 29k subscribers. It was created on September 6, 2016, and is similar to her TikTok profile. Carr’s YouTube channel is not unique, even though she joined it in 2016. Most of her content is reshared from TikTok.

Yeah I’m Caroline

“TikTok Q&A” is her most popular YouTube-specific YouTube video. She posted it on May 17, 2019, with 44k views. Her most-viewed YouTube video is the reshared TikTok TikTok short “We Both Failed”, which has more than 61k views. She has collaborated with other social media personalities on videos and featured on their profiles.

Net Worth

Caroline’s net worth is estimated at $500k. Her social media presence, as a content writer, brand collaborations and music, accounts for most of her earnings. The creator of TikTok could earn up to $7k per post, exempting brand-sponsored deals.

For a brand sponsored post, she could make upwards of $2.7k on Instagram. YouTube is her main platform. Her average earnings are $500 per video. Brand-sponsored deals could cost upwards of $2k.

Carr has been associated with many top brands in brand collaborations over her social media career. Although we don’t know the exact amount she would charge for sponsored collaborations as there are no public records of such ventures, we can assume she could have made quite a lot from these interactions.

Carr’s music is available online on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music and other platforms. As each streaming platform adjusts its earnings according to unique metrics, it is not yet clear how much she could make from them.

Carr is expected to make at least the 5-figure mark on these platforms. Similar to Carr, we don’t know the price she would charge for live performances on multiple stages. Obviously, these events would sell tickets. It is not known at this time how much she could sell them tickets.

Carr sells merchandise on her website, as well as other websites such RedBubble and EtahLove. She currently sells sweatshirts, sweat pants and hoodies that cost between $30 and $65. Although we don’t know the exact amount she makes from sales, we can assume it to be in the five-figure range.

Social Media

Caroline is a social media king with more than 10 million TikTok users. On Instagram, she has over 553k Instagram followers and 29k YouTube subscribers.

Yeah I’m Caroline

Personal Life

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Caroline Carr was 19 years old when she was born November 28, 2001. She was born in an unidentified place in the United States. She is Caucasian, which is also her ethnicity. Carr is very private and reserved about her private life.

We don’t know anything about her siblings or family, nor do we know any details about her childhood. Although she has shared photos with her mother via Instagram, her identity is not known. Caroline has also received a high school diploma. There is not information on the school from which Caroline graduated.

The current relationship status of Carr is unknown. She prefers to keep her relationship status private and has not made public statements about it. Carr, as mentioned before, is very reserved and discrete with her personal information. She has not revealed any details about previous relationships. She has also managed to avoid scandals, controversies and rumors.

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A. Caroline Carr, also known as “Yeah! I’m Caroline”, is an American social media influencer. She is also a content creator. Her comedic content has made her a hugely popular figure on TikTok. She also has thousands of Instagram and YouTube followers.


A. Caroline Carr was conceived on November 28, 2001 and is currently 19 years of age


A. Carr is currently not aware of her relationship status. She prefers to keep her private relationship status secret and has not confirmed her relationship status through the media.

Q.  Does yeahimcaroline sell merch?

A. Carr sells merch online on her website, as well as on a number of other websites, including EtahLove and RedBubble.

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