[People Profile] All We Know About Undos biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Undos biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Zach Jelks, a.k.a. Undos is an American TikToker YouTuber, and online media celebrity. On Tiktok the majority of his content is centered on memes, however the majority of his posts are about other kinds of content. His unique hip-hop dance choreography and hilarious memes have earned him huge acclaim. In May of 2015 the rapper published his first post using his new Instagram profile. His TikTok handle was itsundos.

Jelks is born the 17th of March 2000 located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The popular social media star is multi-ethnic, Christian faith and American nationality. His current focus is to grow his social media followers to increase his possibilities for success in the field of film.

Personal Information

Profiling Zach Jelks

A Quick Glance At Zach Jelks
Full NamesZach Jelks
Place of birthUSA
Date Of Birth17 March 2000
State of OriginAmerican
Tiktok1 million followers
Instagram 511,224 followers
Net Worth$600,000


Jelks gained fame for his distinctive Hip-Hop dance choreography, as well as his humorous memes. He is famous as a YouTuber for TikTok videos, however Jelks is present with Instagram as well. He has built a significant audience for both of the platforms. He started creating videos on Instagram and later on TikTok and TikTok, which made him famous. He is followed by six million users on TikTok and has 487.7 million followers.

The content he posts is posted on Instagram includes photos of himself, selfies and other images from his life, and reels is popular since he has 511k subscribers with an average of 77,321 likes. There is also YouTube, where he shares videos that are like his content posted on TikTok and also creates roast videos of the events that are in pop culture. The channel has 158k subscribers and has more than two million viewers.

Net Worth

Jelks earns substantial income through his numerous ventures like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube and also from brand partnerships that are offered to him. In June 2022, Jelks has an estimated net worth of $600,000. This is according to different sources.

Personal Life

Jelks was born into an Christian home within the USA on the 17th of September 2000. Jelks is of mixed race. Jelks his father’s name hasn’t been disclosed, however he is an entrepreneur by profession. the name of his mom is Kathleen Bernice Jelks, who passed away in 2011.

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There is also a sibling and a sister named Kennedy and one brother who passed away in the year 2018. Jelks is not in a relationship at the moment, and any details regarding his previous relationships is not available. He was a student at Greater Atlanta Christian School in Atlanta, Georgia, for his primary education. Then, he went to Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree.

He’s always wanted to become a well-known dancer in his career since the age of a child. While Jelks famed for his humor, it is also known for its lightheartedness. certain topics that many consider inappropriate to joke about. The topic of rape is just one. When he was hit with a blowback from the Michael Jackson joke, another TikToker known as Hadiya expressed her disappointment with the incident.

Undos responded by critiquing Hadiya for being too concerned about the incorrect issues. He felt she shouldn’t been focusing her attention on the negative impact of an individual of color as an Black Lives Matter advocate. Undos the comment enraged many and even more, which is why he took off from social media completely.

Other Ventures

While Zach Jelks is quite active on various websites, the social network hasn’t been offered any brand contracts or explored any other ventures on her own up to this point.

The most popular TikToks 

  1. Some people DECLINE, while others FILL

In this video, Zach talks about what Zach believes the most memorable element of the ceremony.

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Zach in this video talks about the different experiences we’ve had as children and about some of the latest fashion trends.

Q. What made Zach Jelks face backlash for the demise of Juice Wrld?

A. When the rapper Juice Wrld passed away unexpectedly in the year 2019 of seizures caused by drugs, a number of teenagers on social media mocked him by posting videos of dancers that seemed to be experiencing seizures, shaking and vomiting out water. Before Juice Wrld’s death Zach had posted the same video, however it was incorrectly interpreted by his fans. Zach stated that he did not intend to mimic a seizure in any way.

Q. What was the fate of Zach Jelks’ mother and brother?

A. Jelks lost his mother and brother in the years 2011 and in 2018, in both cases. His brother passed away while his college was in session and Jelks recorded a video of the way he came across the death of his brother. The reason for the death of both of them hasn’t been disclosed to Jelks’ family. Jelks family.

Q. Which is Undos’ Zodiac?

A. Because Jelks had been born on September His zodiac sign is Virgo, which happens to be the sixth zodiac sign.

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