[People Profile] All We Know About Bluprint01 biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Bluprint01 biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Dorian Hector, also called BluPrint is an American social media influencer, dancer and creator of content. He is famed for his participation in the FOX’s 10th season’s series So You Think You Can Dance the wildly popular ongoing television series that’s in production since 2005.


Hector has also earned a huge popularity on Vine and musical.ly for his innovative and artistic animation. His popularity grew to TikTok too which is where he has more than 6.5 million followers, and the 82 million people who have liked his page.

Personal Information

Profiling Dorian Hector

A Quick Glance At Dorian Hector
Full NamesDorian Hector
Place of birthUSA
Date Of Birth17 March 2000
State of OriginAmerican
Tiktok6.5 million followers
Instagram 801k followers
YouTube109k subscribers
Spouse/PartnerDanny Morris
Net Worth$1 million


Hector began to get acquainted with dance as a child. He grew up with notable figures from the industry, including Michael Jackson and Chris Brown who performed and danced to earn the money. After years of practicing, Hector thought of pursuing the art of dancing as a profession. He later decided to try Animation Dancing and after years working on his dance abilities He was offered a job within the dance team Dragon House. The group had 23 members who performed Hip-Hop dance.

Hector was a contestant in 2013. performed on the most prestigious stage on “So That You can Dance” and auditioned first to be a part of season 10, on Memphis, Tennessee. Hector was named at the top of the list together with the fellow Animator, Jade Zuberi. Jade and Hector joined forces together with choreographer Christopher Scott, for a stunning animation duet.

Then, Hector danced a Contemporary group routine featuring the top 10 players choreographed and directed by Christopher Scott. The last dance he performed was one of a Jazz group dance featuring the top 20 dancers performed by choreographer Sonya Tayeh.


Hector performed an Funk Jazz group dance, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo. He was paired with Ballroom dancing Brittany Cherry for an African Jazz routine choreographed and directed by Sean Cheesman. Hector was a dancer in a fun Tyce Diorio Broadway ensemble dance. He wasn’t in the bottom position in that particular week, however his partner Brittany was.

Brittany was removed at the end of the competition, but she was still required to perform alongside Hector. Their routine was one of a Broadway piece composed by Spencer Liff. The next week, at the Top 17 Performance, Hector did the Contemporary group routine choreographed and directed by Sonya Tayeh as well as Christopher Scott. He seemed to be in the bottom of the pile and was forced to dance his entire life.

He also teamed up with a new co-star, Mariah Spears for the fast Hip Hop duet, choreographed by Luther Brown. Hector was kept for the entire week and never eliminated by the conclusion in the program. In the following week, during the top 16 performance, Hector danced a Contemporary group dance with Stacey Tookey and Peter Chu. Hector was named to be last and again, along with His partner Mariah. They then were in a jazz duet choreographed and directed by Brian Friedman but Hector and Mariah were unfortunately both eliminated.

Following the show, Hector took to social media platforms to show off his dance floor. Due to the attention he gained through appearing on the program, Hector began receiving a large amount of attention from Vine, Instagram, and YouTube. When Vine became defunct, he moved onto Musically and later to TikTok. At present the account of Hector boasts 6.5 million followers, and 82.7 million followers.


Similar to that, he also gained recognition on his Instagram account which has over 801k followers. The YouTube channel he runs has grown into a platform for dance videos as well as collaborations with many famous dancers. It has more than 109k followers. Naturally, the majority of his content is dance, with occasional lip-syncs comedy, vlogs, or lip-sync video.

He has a close relationship with fellow dancers such as Nick Raiano and the fellow Vine star has been featured in many films in the Vine, YouTube, and musical.ly channels. They are both well-known as BluRain. After years of battling to be an Hip Hop artist and a dancer, Hector is getting exposure through social media. This is working well for him.

Hector has also been featured in The World Of Dance and performed with choreographer Taylor Pierce. He also got the chance to appear in NBA halftime shows as well as The European Olympic Games. As an Hip-Hop dancer Hector was also nominated for the Streamy’s Award. Apart from dancing, Hector also released an EP called 316 as an individual Hip Hop artist in 2018.

Net Worth

The net worth of Hector is said to be around $1 million. The majority of his earnings come from his online presence as a creator of content, his dance career, as well as brand collaborations.

Regarding Hector’s dancing career, which we have already mentioned the show, he appeared to So You Think You Can Dance. There aren’t any reliable sources to suggest the amount an individual contestant can earn during the competition, however typically the prize for the winner is around $100k. Hector was, naturally, didn’t make it to the finals, but we can bet that his appearances resulted in a significant sum of money. And given that it’s nearly 10 years since his appearance in the program, the value could be greater. Hector was also a part of his own show called World Of Dance and performed alongside dancing artist Taylor Pierce and also landed the chance to perform at NBA halftime shows as well as The European Olympic Games. We don’t know how much he may earn from these performances.

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In terms of collaborations with brands Hector has collaborated with many major brands throughout the span of his celebrity and social media career. One notable sponsorship that continues to be prominently featured across his Instagram and social media pages has to do with Bang Energy, reports suggest that he could be one of their brand ambassadors.

We don’t know the amount he might make from these partnerships as there has been no details revealed about the subject. We can speculate that the bulk of his earnings are derived from collaboration with brands, so it could be quite a large amount.

Social Media


His dominance on social media is evident with more than 6.5 million TikTok followers. On Instagram there are more than 801k followers. And on YouTube Hector has more than 109k subscribers.

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Personal Life

Dorian Hector was born on June 12, 1993 at Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The father of Dorian is Aubrey Aikee Hector, a former US soldier and his mother is TShanae Mahomes, who has been working as a senior consultant for MaryKay from April of this year. Dorian’s parents divorced, and his father was involved in an affair to Melissa Bryant, while his mother has been engaged to Tony Mahomes since 1999. Dorian has a younger sister, Aija Hector. Dorian was a student at Cedar Grove High School in Ellenwood, Georgia, and was graduated in 2011.

Dorian According to reports online, Dorian is a homosexual man, however his previous relationships are not known. He is currently involved in a relationship with Danny Morris and the pair began dating in the month of October 2017 and they’re still in love together. The couple is yet disclose the reason why they came to meet. Danny is from Lawrenceville, Georgia, and is an avid basketball player. In February 2020 on Valentine’s Day, Dorian referred to Danny as the person who made him his love, which confirmed the love-hate relationship.

1. Who’s BluPrint01?

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A. Dorian Hector, also known as BluPrint is an American social media influencer, dancer and creator of content. He is best known as a contestant on The 10th series of FOX’s reality contest So You Think You Can Dance.

Q2 Where is BluPrint01 located?

A. Dorian Hector is from Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

Question 3: Does BluPrint01 gay?

A. Absolutely, Hector has been openly gay. He is in long-term relationship Danny Harris since 2017.

Q4 Did BluPrint take home So You Think You Can Dance?

A. A. Hector was in the top 16 of the contest before the event ended. He was then eliminated.

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