[People Profile] All We Know About Kendall Vertes biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Kendall Vertes biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Kendall Vertes is an American dancer and social media influencer. She is also a reality TV actor, singer, and creator of content. Most well-known for appearing on the reality television program “Dance Moms” as a contestant. She is also known is currently gaining a lot of attention as an artist and dancer on social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter. Vertes’ net worth is reported to be estimated at $1.5 million.

Kendall Vertes

Vertes first made an appearance in Dance Moms in the second season, and was picked to replace ViviAnne. The team left after being placed on probation, and then was a part of the Candy Apple’s Dance Center team. Vertes returned to The Abby Lea Dance Company’s elite group but was later able to join the elite dancers who chose to quit their position with the Abby Lee Dance Company and to form The Irreplaceables. Vertes was invited to perform the opportunity to perform in an Harlem Globetrotters exhibition during her period with CADC.

In addition to being a well-known performer, Vertes can also be a model and singer. In April of 2015, she released her new track “Wear ‘Em Out”, of which the music video was premiered on the show ‘Dance Moms’ June 9th in 2015. She’s performed in numerous music videos featuring the co-stars of “Dance Moms” like “Summer Love Song,”” “It’s A Girl Party,”” “Freaks Like Me,”” as well as “Boomerang” in addition to having appeared on the front cover of “Girl’s Life magazine.

Vertes released her Christmas album titled “K-mas,” which appeared in the films “Rapunzel the Musical: Princess in the Frozen in Time” and “Anastasia: Once Upon a Time”. In the words of TV Over Mind, in 2021, she was able to get the show “The Kendall K and Friends Show”. This talk program will have “Dance Moms” alumni who will be interviewing famous people like Nia Sioux, and Abby Lee Miller.

Kendall K Vertes was born on the 9th of December 2002, at Harrison City, Pennsylvania in Westmoreland County, United States. Her parents are Erno and Jill Vertes and she is the youngest of 3 daughters, CharlotteVertes-McClure, and Ryleigh Vertes-McClure. She has graduated from Penn-Trafford High School in 2021. Kendall is currently in an affair with a baseball player from Georgetown University, Andrew Ciufo. They have been featured several times on their respective social media pages.

Personal Information

Profiling Kendall Vertes

A Quick Glance At Kendall Vertes
Full NamesKendall Vertes
Place of birthUSA
Date Of BirthDecember 9 1999
State of OriginCuban-American
Tiktok7.3 million followers
Instagram 9.7 million followers
YouTube1.2 million subscribers
Twitter526k followers
Net Worth$1.5 million

The Sources of Income


The majority of Vertes’s revenue comes from its social media presence as a creator of content music, TV shows and brand collaborations, dance, modelling, and merchandise.

Kendall Vertes


On TikTok the creator of the app could be earning upwards of $7000 per post, not including sponsored deals with brands.


On Instagram you can earn up to $25,000 for a sponsored post by a company.


On YouTube her earnings are in the vicinity of $5k per video, which excludes sponsored deals with brands, where she could charge as high as $7k for each video, and she’s already made more than $300k in total from the account.

Television Shows

Vertes appeared on the T.V. series Dance Moms. It is believed that she made it among the top ten most popular in the program. There are some who could have made more than $300k in a season, however this hasn’t been proven.

Vertes may have made between the range of $2k-$5k per episode. Vertes also has her own show on CBS known as “The Kendall K and Friends Show” which started airing in January of this year. In this regard, too, we can’t confirm how much she will make. It is safe to assume that she’ll earn in excess of six figures every season.


Vertes is also an acclaimed music performer, with some of her music videos being watched millions of times. Her music is accessible on streaming platforms including Apple Music, Amazon Music as well as Spotify. It’s unclear at the moment what amount she can earn from sales of her records and streams. It is safe to assume that Vertes earns upwards of 5 figures each year through her music.


There are many methods Vertes can earn money through dancing. Collaborations with dance stars or professional choreographers reality TV shows online content for social networks, as well as live performances. We don’t know the amount she would make from these projects. It’s safe to say that she earns an enormous amount of money every year.

Brand Collaborations

Vertes has been associated with numerous top brands during her career that has influenced her all the way from Bloom Nutrition to Dunkin’ and is currently the spokesperson for the brands Halara as well as Bang Energy drinks. Unfortunately, we don’t have the numbers to prove the amount she would make from these sponsorships however, we can presume that the figures are the size of.


As model, she has been a model for various other brands however, we don’t know the exact amount she would make as a model however, we can be sure that it will be a substantial amount.


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Vertes also sells items on her website and other websites from third parties, like RedBubble that cater to her loyal fans. A popular limited-edition labeled by Vertes was”The Kendall Vertes x Velvet Caviar Collection that was sold to the public upon its debut. It is possible that Vertes earns around the 5-figure figure each year through sales.

Kendall Vertes


It’s not clear at present the exact items Vertes has invested her money in however she has managed to keep it from being revealed. It is likely that Vertes might have made investments in fashion and beauty products, including clothing and accessories, which she has displayed through her various social media accounts.

Vertes is also the owner of an extremely successful YouTube channel. This would necessitate her investing in equipment for audio or video in order to produce higher quality content. This could involve lighting and props, top-quality cameras audio recording equipment, video editing software, top-of-the-line machines that run these programs as well as other subsidiaries which would improve the quality of the quality of the content. She is very active in producing short-form content too, which require the use of a different set of tools.

Then, Kendall could also outsource her video production tasks to other experts who may charge her a premium depending on the capabilities of the individual or team. Additionally Kendall could also have formed a team to assist her make the videos she creates, which might also be a part of managing all her social media activities.

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Vertes may also need to pay for management costs in the event that she’s under the supervision of an agency for talent. She may have to pay a premium cost for the logistical and management services, dependent on the business and the amount of talent/stars that they are able to list on their roster. It’s, of course speculation, but it’s an opportunity. It is not known at the moment what she would pay for this.

Q. What’s the current value of Kendall Vertes worth now?

A. Vertes’s worth has been believed to be around $1.5 million.

Q. What is the height of Kendall Vertes?

A. Kendall Vertes stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Q. Who is Kendall Vertes’ boyfriend?

A. Kendall is in an intimate relationship and Andrew Ciufo, who plays baseball for Georgetown University.

Q. What is the location of Kendall Vertes from?

A. Kendall K Vertes is from Harrison City, Pennsylvania in Westmoreland County, United States.

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