[People Profile] All We Know About TherealTati Biography Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

TherealTati Biography Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

TherealTati The real name is Tatayanna Mitchell, is an American TikTok celebrity who has been taking the platform to new heights thanks to her lip-sync video clips. The creator of the content has uploaded a number of lip-sync clips that have made her fans go wild over her.


In most of her videos, you can see her dressed as a model or looking extremely professional by applying her make-up wearing a professional outfit and coloring her hair in order that she can interact with her fans.

Personal Information

Profiling Tatayanna Mitchell

A Quick Glance At Tatayanna Mitchell
Full NamesTatayanna Mitchell
Place of birthUnited States
Date Of Birth
October 24, 1998
State of OriginAmerican
Social Media Celebrity, Content Creator and Influencer
Followers 6.2 million followers
Instagram 259k followers
Net Worth$1million


Tatayanna Mitchell began her career as an TikTok model a few years ago and has since gained a fan following in the range of 6.2 million. With this many followers the majority of her content might go to the top of TikTok’s list. According to TikTok the account of her has a total of 380.5 millions likes.

The majority of her online videos are lip-sync and comedy sketches that caused a massive crowd. It’s been reported it is Tatayanna Mitchell’s lip-sync clips are those that go most viral with her followers.

Net Worth

When it comes to Tatayanna Mitchell’s worth it’s noted that, as of February 2023 in 2023, the creator of the content‘s net worth had been rounded to $1 million due to her contributions to her social media channel.

Other Social Media Presence

Source: Instagram

When you consider the fact that she has a huge fan base in Tatayanna Mitchell’s Tiktok accounts, Tatayanna Mitchell also has many followers on other social media platforms too.

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Based on the user ID “@therealtati”, Tatayanna Mitchell has a verified Instagram account. Instagram with 259k followers and 42 posts published to the social media platform. When you consider that, it’s possible to say that she’s not active on her Instagram account. The majority of posts she makes on the platform are personal experiences that she prefers sharing with her followers.



Tatayanna Mitchell is also the owner of Tatayanna Mitchell also has a YouTube channel that goes by”Therealtati” “Therealtati”. It channel is a part of the primary channels that she created when she began her first venture through social media. The platform served as her primary source for food reviews as well as Mukbang videos. With a subscriber base of 1.22 lakh The creator of the content has created 124 videos for the channel since it was launched. The most watched video on the channel is “PRANK CALLING FAMOUS TIKTOKERS” that was watched by 4.4 thousand views.

Personal Life

Born on the 24th of October 1998. Tatayanna Mitchell is a member of a privileged family from Detroit, Michigan in the United States. Although there’s no details provided by the creator of the content regarding their family tree, however we do know that she has one sister with the name of Mae Mitchell who is also a popular social media user.


In relation to her personal relationships As of the year 2023 Tatayanna Mitchell is currently single. Although this is only the current situation There hasn’t been any details revealed about her past relationships.

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Top TikTok Videos by TherealTati

This recipe for steak that Tatayanna Mitchell created and posted via her TikTok.

Another cooking video by her social media influencer, where she makes pizza at home.

This is a review of food video in which she is able to try an item called fufu.

It’s a parody of a video in which Tatayanna responds to someone who says not to take crab legs for dinner.

It’s a skit of comedy, in which Tatayanna showcases a variety of funny ways to ask for a bill in the restaurant.

FAQs on TherealTati

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Q. How much do you think Tatayanna Mitchell’s weight?


A. According to online sources, Tatayanna Mitchell’s weight is 57 kilograms.

Q. What color eyes do Tatayanna Mitchell’s eyes have?

A. Tatayanna Mitchell has eyes that are dark brown in color.

Q. Does Tatayanna Mitchell upload Mukbang videos?

A. Tatayanna Mitchell uploads food and mukbang videos through her YouTube channel.

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