[People Profile] All We Know About Sulhee Jessica Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

Sulhee Jessica Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

Sulhee Jessica, also known as Jessica Woo, is an American creator of content, TikToker and YouTuber. Often referred to as”the Bento Box Queen on the Internet, Sulhee Jessica is the queen of her genre with more than 5.8 million followers and 21,900,000 followers on TikTok.

Sulhee Jessica

Her home is in Las Vegas and a native of Los Angeles’ Koreatown, the 36-year old influencer is an entrepreneur and her lunchbox videos have made rounds across the web due to her loyal fans more than 1 million times. She’s Bento Box videos feature short form videos that show her making the lunchbox in a time-lapse and her voiceover.

The content of Sulhee Jessica is distinctive because she demonstrates simple and efficient methods to prepare kids food boxes which are pleasing to children as well as healthy. She helps millions of people through her videos.

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Jessica Woo is also an accomplished artist. Sulhee Jessica always wanted to become a fashion stylist in her youth. However it was fate’s way. it, she was an all-time creator of content and business owner when TikTok videos went viral in the year 2020.

Sulhee Jessica is well-known for her videos of homemade lunchboxes made by kids and family fun, as well as lifestyle and beauty video blogs. Jessica is a resident of Las Vegas with her three children, Adeline, 11, Maxine and Olive, 8 Olive 4 and two chihuahua mix puppies dubbed Darla and Butter as well as her husband, David.

Sulhee Jessica is extremely involved in the lives of her children as they are a part of her journey to create content. Her children appear in numerous video clips posted on TikTok along with Instagram reels. If you look closely the videos, you’ll get an extremely cozy and adorable family feel from the photos posted on social media accounts.

Personal Information

Profiling Jessica Woo

A Quick Glance At Jessica Woo
Full NamesJessica Woo
Place of birthLas Vegas, Nevada, United States
Date Of BirthOctober 21, 1986
State of OriginAmerican
Social Media Celebrity, Content Creator and Influencer
Followers 8.6 million followers
David Venezuela
Net Worth$1 million


Sulhee Jessica has had a diverse and varied career throughout her lifetime. As mentioned previously she was a child at an early age, she displayed an interest in fashion. In her teens her creativity grew when she explored the world of while becoming makeup artists.

Sulhee Jessica earned her degree from Journalism and Media, with the major focus on advertising and Public Relations in her college. While studying for her college degree she began working in the world of luxury retail. Being in the luxury sector gave her exposure required to become a household name in the world of content. Sulhee Jessica was aware of many fashions in the industry and used them in her professional life later on.

Sulhee Jessica

Sulhee Jessica eventually went into marketing. Through her experience in luxury retail she came across a myriad of innovative methods of marketing. Sulhee Jessica gradually worked her way to become the Marketing Director for her company and was always keeping a close eye on different social media trends and algorithms as a prerequisite.

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Sulhee Jessica’s very first TikTok video was about her making a lunchbox consisting of salami and cheese sticks. In February of 2020 the TikTok video became viral and currently has 20 million views at present. Then, Sulhee Jessica decided to be an all-time creator of content. Since the time, Jessica has made it massive through TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. She has amassed more than 6 million followers on all major social media platforms.

Sulhee Jessica gained fame for her lunchbox-making skills along with family fun, videos on lifestyle and beauty online on the Internet. Therefore, she has proclaimed her title as the internet’s Bento Box Queen. As a successful creator of content and entrepreneur Sulhee Jessica has collaborated with several brands, like LG, Walmart and Disney.

She also has a business called Booshkababe. It is an art studio that is digital in which Jessica creates digital “watercolor” images of individuals. It began by painting adorable images of babies, and then slowly increased to wedding announcements and logos and more. Sulhee Jessica has also collaborated with a fellow creator of content and famous chef, Matt Broussard, also known as acooknamedmatt to create her TikTok videos as well as Instagram posts. Sulhee Jessica also has a website sulheejessica.com.

Net Worth

According to different reports, Sulhee Jessica’s net worth is estimated at $1 million in January 2023.

Other Social Media Presence


Sulhee Jessica

Sulhee Jessica has more than 681K viewers on YouTube and has 319,417,969 views as her total views from 870 uploaded media. Sulhee Jessica has vlogs as well as Bento Box (lunchbox) preparation techniques via her YouTube channel. She also writes about her family life and routines for beauty on the channel. Sulhee Jessica uploads videos to YouTube every week or bi-weekly. Jessica also shares the work she does in her studio for digital artists on the platform and body-art videos.


Sulhee Jessica is extremely active on Instagram she posts mostly about her day-to-day life and DIY hacks. She also posts Bento Box reels, family vacations and fun, as well as tips for beauty and lifestyle through the site. She also writes about her childhood memories on Instagram. Jessica has more than 336K fans on Instagram. She regularly publishes content to the platform. She also collaborates with different influencers who are on Instagram. The children of Sulhee Jessica’s take part in a lot of the videos on Instagram.

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Sulhee Jessica’s popular TikTok videos

View on TikTok

Sulhee Jessica’s viral video has made her become a TikTok famous.

View on TikTok

A different TikTok footage that shows Sulhee Jessica preparing a lunchbox for her children.

View on TikTok

This is a very special TikTok video due to the fact that Jessica has recorded her video without music, sound or voiceover in response to a few disliked comments in the TikTok channel.

View on TikTok

This is an ebb and flow TikTok video posted by Sulhee Jessica. She’s going to an event for kids with her daughters.

View on TikTok

This TikTok video Sulhee Jessica tells her viewers and fans what she eats during the day.

View on TikTok

This TikTok video Sulhee Jessica’s daughters take out the lunchbox she prepared for them. Their reactions are recorded.

FAQs on Sulhee Jessica

Q. How many children do Jessica Woo have?

A. Jessica Woo, known as Sulhee Jessica, has three children who are Adeline 11 Maxine and Olive, both 8. Olive four.

Q. Who is Jessica Woo?

A. Jessica Woo, well-known for her role as Sulhee Jessica is a TikTok phenomenon with a Bento Box (lunchbox) preparation videos have been watched and shared repeatedly many times by millions of users. She is a massive influencer as well as an entrepreneurial.

Q. Who is the Bento Box Queen?

A. Jessica Woo, sometimes referred to Sulhee Jessica is the Internet’s Bento Box Queen. She has videos that discuss suggestions for making healthy and delicious Bento boxes (lunchboxes) for children.


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