[People Profile] All We Know About SushiBAE Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

SushiBAE Biography: Age, Career, Spouse, Family, Net Worth

SushiBAE is among the most popular and well-known TikTok users and YouTube stars in America. The creator of content and games became famous after a video of him sniping the popular YouTuber Ninja in the game Fortnight became viral.


The focus is on the games, SushiBAE mostly generalizes his games based on the current trends and what his followers love most. SushiBAE is most often played in battle royales that are survival-based or teams death matches such as Fortnite and Valorant. Fans also enjoy his content playing games such as Genshin Impact and Minecraft.

Personal Information

Profiling SushiBAE

A Quick Glance At SushiBAE
Full NamesSushiBAE
Place of birthUnited States
Date Of Birth
July 11, 2000
State of OriginAmerican
Social Media Celebrity, Content Creator and Influencer
Followers 3.2 million followers
Net Worth$5million

SushiBAE’s Career

According to the website famousbirthdays.com Before he ascended to the limelight, SushiBAE had completed his education in communication and was employed by an engineering company, directing companies in the US, Canada, Japan as well as South Korea. In 2019, SushiBAE made his debut on social media via YouTube with the title Funniest Fortnite Moments Part 1. In the following months, he delved into Tiktok and posted a number of funny videos on the platform.

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On TikTok He is frequently shared clips taken from the Fortnite games, but there are times when he uploads games, such as Valorant and Minecraft among other games. The content he uploads is also available on the platform, which includes reaction videos where he’s being seen reacting to an individual video or funny skit.

SushiBAE’s Net Worth

While jotting down the TikTok celebrity’s net worth, the amount of money earned and assets acquired are usually taken into consideration. In 2023 SushiBAE’s net worth was not yet reviewed and has not been published to any of the online sources. Keep an eye on the site as it will be updated shortly.


Other Social Media Presence

Source: Instagram

Being a TikTok star, SushiBAE has other social media accounts to entertain his followers. A fan following in excess of 5.1 million users on TikTok and counting, it is evident that his fans have did not stop supporting SushiBAE in his various projects.


Based on the username that is “@sushibaeyt“, the content creator’s page is mostly packed with Fortnite-related posts. There are occasions where he has uploaded handful of photos and videos from his personal life and share the content among his followers. With a follower count of 114k people, the page was launched in the year 2016. At the time of writing, he’s posted 769 posts to the platform.


As a gamer, he goes by the name SushiBAE the creator of his content isn’t very engaged in his YouTube channel when compared to other platforms. With a total of 3.22 lakh subscribers who view his videos on on a frequent basis (2or 3) per month. In the course of time among the top well-loved and watched videos of his channel is, “I STREAM SNIPED NINJA AND BROUGHT OLD NINJA BACK”. The video received an average of 7.9 million views over two years.


SushiBAE also has an Twitch account that goes by his name. 3.63 L is a subscriber to the account. The account’s creator of the content goes online and engages his followers on games such as Fortnite and many others.

SushiBAE’s Personal Life

SushiBAE came to the US on July 11, 2000. This makes SushiBAE 22 years old in February 2023. SushiBAE is very private about his personal life, and has accomplished a fantastic job of keeping his personal information private from social media.

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Concerning his appearance SushiBAE looks like an Asian child sporting brown-colored eyes, brown hair and brown skin. His height is 5’10”, and the weight is around 77 kilograms. Being a renowned TikTok star, fans of SushiBAE might be wondering if he’s engaged or not. In 2023, it isn’t the case that SushiBAE isn’t engaged to anyone.


The SushiBAE’s Top Tiktok videos

View on TikTok 

This is an Fortnite challenge video in which we can see SushiBAE performing a dance emoticon along with his team members.

View on TikTok 

This video features SushiBAE showing a demonstration of how to utilize the Falcon Scout in Fortnite.

View on TikTok 

This video features SushiBAE asking her fellow teammates about their favorite songs.

View on TikTok

In this video, we watch SushiBAE asking teammates what anime character he is in the game based on what he’s playing.

View on TikTok

This video showcases a clip from the celebration of New Years in Fortnite to 2023.

FAQs for SushiBAE

Q. What year did SushiBAE begin the Instagram account?

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A. SushiBAE joined Instagram in 2016 and was a popular Instagrammer until the time she became famous in 2019.

Q. Which is SushiBAE’s girlfriend?

A. As 2023 SushiBAE has not been dating anyone.

Q. What is SushiBAE’s Ethnicity?

A. SushiBAE is Asian according to sources online.


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