[People Profile] All We Know About The Topperguild biography, Career, Family, Networth

All We Know About The Topperguild biography, Career, Family, Networth

Topperguild (HTML0) is the American popular social media personality well-known for his comedy, lifestyle and bizarre prank videos. His TikTok videos show him along with his group of close friends. His popular Instagram has additional comedy and lifestyle posts. He has shared posts featuring various supercars, including the Lamborghini and McLaren. McLaren.

Winston Topper Guild

Topperguild is also an aspiring model and a YouTube star with more than 7 million viewers for his channel. He has a number of difficult videos, including travel videos, lifestyle videos, daily-life videos and adventure vlogs, all on a Self-titled YouTube Channel.

Profiling Winston Topper Guild

A Quick Glance At Winston Topper Guild

Full NamesWinston Topper Guild
Place of birthUSA
Date Of BirthAugust 21, 2002
Twitter9465 followers
TikTok29 million
PartnerColie Nunez
Net Worth$3 million


Topperguild began his first career as a creator of video content on TikTok when he set up the TikTok account in the early months of 2018. In the beginning, he began his journey through the platform by posting his dancing and singing videos. The first of his videos went viral just a few days after signing up. He joined TikTok due to his brother’s support, and it began to increase the number of followers.

With his popularity growing through the social media platform, Topperguild shared diverse videos that included jokes, reactions, challenges and lip-sync. Topperguild became a global sensation as a creator of video content when his videos went viral and gained many millions of followers as well as followers. Being a renowned TikTok celebrity, he’s been signed by an agency that represents talent and models. He is often a spokesperson for brands of clothing and fashion on various networks of social media.

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Topperguild was also famous on Instagram. He has amassed hundreds of Instagram followers posting his adventure, travel lifestyle, daily life photos, videos and fashion-related content. However, the majority of his posts are reused from TikTok. He also has worked together with Boxer Ryan Garcia.

Alongside being famous not only on TikTok and Instagram In addition, he’s highly well-known on YouTube. He began his YouTube channel at 14 in 2016. As of 2022, he has more than 7 million subscribers, but his content is identical to TikTok and Instagram and the majority of his shorts reusing content taken from TikTok. Similar to TikTok the channel on YouTube typically consists of shorts, with only few long-form videos. Some of the most watched videos available on the channel include; “MY CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND CONTROLS MY LIFE FOR 24 HOUR!” and Topper Guild- Wasting Food to Clout.

Winston Topper Guild

Topper Guild’s other friends include Lexi Griswold, Stephen Sharer Stephen Sharer, and Phoebe Anderson. Recently, he’s launched his own line of merchandise, which is only available through his official website.

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Topperguild is accused of using the food he ate on his videos . There is a petition for the removal of his content. The description of the petition reads “Topper Guild is an creator of content on TikTok as well as Youtube. He is the creator of Shorts that he uploads to YouTube. However, in his Shorts He squanders the food he eats. He literally throws away whole bottles of ketchup buckets or tubs of sauce on tiny pieces of food. In one video the actor even empty the entire toothpaste tube in order to have enjoyment. These people are wasting food on a daily basis. There are a lot of organisations working to end the world’s hunger crisis, but the man who wastes food thinks it’s nothing. Therefore, I would like to point out that he earns money by wasting food and we ought to immediately ban him from the entire world. He might also realize the wrong of food wastage. I am amazed that the government hasn’t cited him for his behavior however that’s why I’m putting up this petition. I was depressed after when I watched one of his shorts. One shouldn’t be so stupid, eating food in a way such as that. It was really irritating me. There are thousands of negative reviews on his videos, however no action has yet been initiated against him. I’m calling for that he be punished. Change.org is able to effect this change. I’m hoping this gets to people. This isn’t a petition that is being funded by donations. It is free to sign. It’s not appropriate to have someone do this. Instead of physically pursuing the person, we should be doing this. Thank you.”

Net Worth

The net worth of Topperguild is estimated to be around $3 million, as per Starktimes.com. The bulk of Topperguild’s income comes from his social media accounts as a creator of content and deal with brands.

On TikTok The creator on TikTok could earn 50k for each post, which excludes sponsored deals with brands. On Instagram the creator could make upwards of $2k per post that is sponsored by a brand. On YouTube the earnings hover around the $34K mark for each video, not including brand-sponsored deals where he can charge up to $50k for each video. The amount he’s made from his brand partnerships isn’t known at the moment.

Social Media

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The dominance of Topperguild on social media is evident with more than 29 million TikTok followers. On Instagram there are more than 360k followers. On YouTube the number is more than 7 million users.

My Life

Although Winston Topper Guild was born on the 21st of August 2002 in California It isn’t clear which town or city that he was born in. We don’t know much about his life story or his background, however, Winston has included his Dad and stepmother on his YouTube videos. He was engaged to another popular social media personality Collie Nunez, in the month of February. The next month, they revealed that they had ended their engagement, however they are still in love.

Q1 How old is Topperguild?

Winston Topper Guild was born on August 21, 2002, he is currently 19 years old.

Q2 Who is Topperguild?

Winston Topper Guild

Topperguild is an American social media influencer best known for his lifestyle, comedy, and bizarre prank video clips. His TikTok videos star him alongside his close group of friends. His popular Instagram features more lifestyle and comedy content. He has posted content featuring multiple supercars including a Lamborghini and a McLaren.

Q3 Does Topperguild have a girlfriend?

Yes, Topperguild’s girlfriend is Colie Nunez.

Q4 How much money does Topperguild make?

Topperguild’s net worth is courted to be an estimated $3 million according to Starktimes.com. Most of Topperguild’s earnings come from his social media presence as a content creator and brand deals.

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