[People Profile] All We Know About Tana Adelana Biography, Career, Family, Networth, Scandals

Tana Adelana Biography, Career, Family, Networth, Scandals

Tana Biography

Christiana Nkemdilim Egbo Aka Tana Adelana was born in Dec 1984 into a Royal as well as a Catholic Christian home. She is the 10th child. She is from Nara Unateze in Nkanu East Local Government Area of Enugu state in Nigeria.

Profiling Christiana Nkemdilim Egbo

A Quick Glance At Christiana Nkemdilim Egbo
Full NamesChristiana Nkemdilim Egbo
Nationality Nigeria
Date Of BirthDec, 20, 1984
ProfessionMovie Director, Actor, OAP, Model
StateEnugu State
Place of BirthNara Unateze
HostedMnet’s Let’s Dance, Peak Talent show, Big brother Africa Nation rep, Zain Naira show
Height5 ft 5 in (1.66 m)

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Tana was born in Lagos and went to Treasureland primary and nursery schools Surulere in addition to Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School Idimu to earn their first and the second school-leaving certificates. She then went to The University of Lagos where she graduated with a BSc in urban and Regional Planning.

Tana also holds a diploma in makeup and aesthetics from the makeup art college London (south Africa campus) in addition to a special Executive Masters certificate in Leadership and Management from the Metropolitan School of Business Administration in London and Management UK.

Tana has been married for a while and is blessed with 2 kids.

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Tana Adelana Career

She began her career in the latter part of the 1990s as a model. In her modeling days, she was a major prominent figure in the industry, particularly as a model for TV and photo commercials. model. She modeled for some of the biggest brands such as Mtn, Knorr Seasoning Cubes morning fresh, and was the model for collectibles(a most prominent fashion retailing business which is spread across Nigeria)for four years.

Tana, a multi-faceted entertainer, auditioned for Mtn the yhello TV on the show back in 2001. She got the job, this was the start of a new era for Tana since then she became one of the top sought on Air celebrities in Nigeria and across Africa as well. She was also a part of Channel O (the biggest southern African music platform of the time) hiring her to host the majority of its shows that were located in Nigeria including Big Brother Eviction parties, 100% Naija and many more.

Tana was able to continue breaking records. She hosted some of the most famous shows in Nigeria such as Mnet’s Let’s Dance, Peak Talent show, Big Brother Africa Nation rep, Zain Naira’s show and more..

After being married in 2007 as well as having children (A girl and a boy), Tana took a short break to construct her house and lay the foundation. She then returned to the stage with a bang. her character “Mrs. Ranesh” in the Ghana film “Single and Married” where she was nominated for several awards for her role.

She also delivered a stunning performance in the cult Nollywood film “The Kingdom” where she was “princess Gina”.

Since that time, Tana has appeared in various Nollywood movies and television shows including Expired Maiden 3 is A Crowd, Blueprint, Baby Daddy 30 Years A Virgin and Alter Date True Betrayal The Wife Hunter, Taxi, Displaced single married and complex purple hearts Body Language, Hush and numerous more..

Tana Adelana Biography

In her role as an on-air personality, Tana won the Grind Awards, Future Awards and many nominations for her work.

Her outstanding role for her stellar performance in “Body Language ” where she was ” Tola Sodiq ” A character who has multiple personality types (stripper at night, and marketing executive in the daytime) Tana bagged herself, the Best of Nollywood Award for the Best Actress and a nomination for the Golden movie awards in Ghana as well as a City People Best Actress Award.

The 14th Abuja International film Festival gave Tana an important Nod for the best actress in a Leading Role for another captivating and outstanding performance in the real-life tale of Juliet Ademola (fictional name) “Purple hearts” A breast cancer survivor and patient, The film evoked emotions in a variety of.

Purple Heart got the attention of the United Nations (UNFPA) as one of the Millenium Development goals is to lower the mortality rate among women. The film was screened in Nairobi, Kenya where Tana at the Body’s request was present to help raise awareness of the disease.

The Humanitarian

Tana has her own non-profit known as “Lend a hand with Tana Adelana”. She assists with food, medical assistance, and general necessities for the most vulnerable in society.

Tana has awarded grants to a handful of people, especially those with disabilities and children. She was awarded the Humanitarian prize at the 2019 Lamode Green October event where she also acted as an advocate for those with disabilities. Tana also received a human rights award from the foundation for a symbol of hope in the year 2019.

External Reference

Tana Shares Photos of Domestic Violence She Witnessed.

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