[People Profile] All We Know About King Victober biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

King Victober biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Victoria Annunziato, better known as King Victober is an American social media influencer and creator of content most well-known by her posts on TikTok. Also, she is known by her relationship with famous TikTok celebrity also known as actor Nathan Davis Jr.

King Victober

Her content is a mix of dance trends and lip sync shows. Her name is well-known through her King_victober TikTok account. She has built up a following that exceeds 6 million users through the site. She is also gaining a lot of attention for her funny and relatable short sketches that she has uploaded to the platform.

Personal Information

Profiling Victoria Annunziato

A Quick Glance At Victoria Annunziato
Full NamesVictoria Annunziato
Place of birthUSA
Date Of Birth10 June 2000.
State of OriginAmericans
Tiktok6.2 million followers
Instagram 175k followers
YouTube20k subscribers
Net Worth$500k


Annunziato began her career in 2015. She began her career on Instagram and shared a lot of beautiful images and also her username was Kingvictober. She had around 18500 followers back then. In the year 2019 started an account on TikTok account and began creating video lip-syncing, funny videos and vines. In March 2020, she had 420,000 followers, with 6 million views. Later, in April, within one month, she had 584,500 followers, with more than 10 million view. From 500k followers she increased to one million followers in only 40 days.

In the past she has had 6.2 millions followers on TikTok and has accumulated over 238 million views for her videos. She is well-known for being engaged to Nathan Davis Jr. A number of videos on TikTok have included the boyfriend of Nathan Davis Jr. Apart from that she was most well-known for her funny sketch and dance videos. every one of her videos has had more than 100k views. Following these successes, she began receiving brand-related offers like “pretty tiny me”, “Akira”, “Fit tea” and “what do you think of memes”. She’s also popular on Instagram as well as YouTube with more than 175k followers as well as more than 20k subscribers.

King Victober

Annunziato is an undergraduate student full-time in Northeastern University, and will graduate with a master’s degree in business with a focus on the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. While at school, and also outside of school, she was able to take on an official position as sales manager for Vector Marketing’s Merrimack Valley office of Vector Marketing. She also participates in the program for students at Vector that is known as Leadership Academy. She is the creator as well as the designer for her clothing brand as well as an online store “Vendetta” as well as has also taught herself to design graphically. She is now creating prints, logos patterns and logos and sells them through TikTok. In addition, she has recently launched her own business in marketing. She also works as an independent consultant for new businesses.

King Victober’s Net Value

Victober’s net worth is believed to be around $500k. The majority of her income comes through her social media accounts as an writer as well as brand collaborations and also merchandise.

On TikTok the creator of the app could be earning upwards of the equivalent of $6k for each post, not including brand-sponsored deals. On Instagram it is possible to make upwards of $2k per posts that are sponsored by brands. On YouTube the average is 500 per video, excluding sponsored videos by brands, which can bring her as high as $1000 per video.

In terms of collaborations between brands, Victober has associated herself with numerous top brands over her career. These include for “Adidas”, “pretty little me”, “Akira“, “Fit tea” as well as “what are you doing with memes”. Her growing popularity has helped to make money from these brands over time. We do not currently know how she can earn through her collaboration in these companies.

Victober also sells products on her own website which is specifically designed for the fans she has. With the price of each item ranging between $10 to $50, it is possible that Victober earns upwards of the five-figure amount each year in sales.

Social Media

Victober’s dominance on social networks is evide

King Victober

nt in her over six million TikTok followers. On Instagram as well as YouTube she has more than 175k followers and over 20k subscribers.

Personal Life

Victoria Annunziato was born on June 10, 2000 in an unidentified place located in the United States. Victoria Annunziato is of Venezuelan origin. There isn’t any information regarding her previous life, her family, or any background information. Like we said, Annunziato is also a full-time student at Northeastern University, and will graduate with a master’s degree in business and entrepreneurship, with a specialization in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. Annunziato is currently dating her fellow TikTok influencer, creator of content as well as actor Nathan Davis Jr.

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She wrote on her LinkedIn profile “Personally I’m an extremely goal-oriented person. I’d say that my greatest attribute is the fact that I can adapt quickly to any job that I’m in, whether it’s the leader, a team player, a listener or someone who offers assistance. I love the opportunity to take on leadership, and also gain knowledge. The thing that makes me unique is the way I look for opportunities to improve, and I revel being able to persevere and be resilient when it comes to anything I engage in.”

Q. What is the King Victober?

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A. Victoria Annunziato, more popularly called King Victober, is an American social media influencer and creator of content. Victoria is well-known for her posts on TikTok and also for her relationship with famous TikTok actor and model Nathan Davis Jr.

Q. How old is King Victoriatober?

A. Victoria Annunziato was born on the 10th of June 2000. She is now age 22.

Q. Who is King Victober’s girlfriend?

A. Victoria Annunziato’s partner is TikTok Star Nathan Davis Jr.

Q. What is the King Victober’s actual name?

A. The real King Victober’s name is Victoria Annunziato.

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