[People Profile] All We Know About Dr. Cracks biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Dr. Cracks biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Dr. Cracks is a well-known chiropractor who has made his mark on social media to the forefront, specifically on TikTok. He was born in the United States on May 8 1995, he has gained a whopping 6.2 million users on TikTok. He has worked with major stars like Adin Ross Dillon Francis and Steve Aoki.

Dr. Cracks

He’s self-described as the “Most Followed Chiropractor on Earth’. According to Instagram the real name of his doctor is Ali and there is a sister named Dr. Brenda Mondragon, who is also a chiropractor.

Personal Information

Profiling Ali

A Quick Glance At Ali

Full NamesAli
Place of birthUnited States of America
Date Of Birth
May 8, 1995
ProfessionAmerican Tiktok Star, Social Media Influencer
State of OriginAmerican
TikTok6.2 million Followers
Instagram61.2K Followers
Net Worth$4.01 million


Dr. Cracks’ journey to fame began in the year 2018 when his wife’s sister and husband who is a digital marketing expert came up with the idea of sharing chiropractic services through social networks. In pursuit of this opportunity, he began uploading videos of him giving the treatment to celebs as well as showing stretches for pain relief.

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His content isn’t just educational but also entertaining giving viewers an understanding of how chiropractic and the ways it can ease discomfort. Some of his most-viewed content consist of “Back Hurting? Try this for relief!” And “Cracked (COMMENT WHO SHOULD I CRACK NEXT?)”

Net Worth

Dr. Cracks’ estimated net worth is $4.01 million. Alongside his massive social media following and his highly successful chiropractic practice located in Beverly Hills, California, that is a magnet for big-name stars, including such as Steve Aoki.

Other Social Media Presence

Dr. Cracks


On Instagram Dr. Cracks has amassed a following of 61.2K. Dr. Cracks posts captivating TikTok videos of him making chiropractic adjustments to famous clients, providing the opportunity to see his skills as chiropractor. In addition, he invites his followers to a sneak inside his life via photos, offering them a glimpse of who is behind this profession.

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With 11.4K viewers Dr. Cracks’ YouTube channel provides a different aspect in his videos. He shows some of his work in chiropractic and vlogs that feature collaborations with well-known TikTokers and famous people. These videos offer information on chiropractic treatment but also entertain viewers with behind-the scenes glimpses of his work with other celebrities and artists.

Personal Life

Despite his extensive internet website, Dr. Cracks has mastered the art of keeping his private life secret. The details of his relationships and interests aren’t publicly publicized. He seems to concentrate on his work job and keep a certain level of anonymity when it comes to his personal life.

Dr. Cracks

Dr. Cracks’ Famous TikTok Videos

The video below Dr Cracks walks us through an upper back stretch. He helps us remember it with a catchy track.

See Bryce Hall get his stiff joints loosen up under the supervision of Dr. Crack.

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Dr. Cracks offers an easy solution for back discomfort on this clip.

Dr Cracks offers Jason Derulo a taste of his signature techniques with this short video.

In this video, Dr. Cracks will show you how to deal with headaches.


Q: What’s Dr. Crack’s real name?

A: Dr. Cracks”real name” is Ali.

Do Dr.. Cracks have siblings?

A: Dr. Cracks has one of his sisters who is Dr. Brenda Mondragon who is chiropractor.

Are Dr.. Cracks married?

A: There aren’t conclusive reports on whether or not he is married not.

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