[People Profile] All We Know About Diego Tinoco biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Diego Tinoco biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Diego Tinoco is a social media model, influencer actor, actor, and television famous in his home in the United States. He has appeared in TV short films and series such as Teen Wolf (2011), Welcome to Valhalla (2017) as well as On My Block (2018). In addition, he has been a part of in various fashion shows.

Diego Tinoco

Diego He is 26 years old. young, is well-known on social media, with 2.4 million Instagram followers as well as 4.8 million TikTok followers.

Personal Information

Profiling Diego Tinoco

A Quick Glance At Diego Tinoco

Full NamesDiego Tinoco
Place of birthUnited States of America
Date Of Birth
25 November 1997
ProfessionAmerican Tiktok Star, Social Media Influencer
State of OriginAmerican
TikTok4.8 million followers
Instagram2.4 million followers
Net Worth$2 million


Diego Tinoco is a rising star in Hollywood and has been captivating audiences with his captivating performances and captivating personality. Motivated by his love of storytelling and the desire to connect with the audience through his performance, Tinoco started his acting career at a young age. At the beginning of his career Tinoco played supporting roles in short films as well as TV shows, showcasing his versatility and potential for an actor.

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Diego Tinoco’s perseverance resulted during 2015, when he got his first role in the role of Marco on the short movie “Drizzle of Hope,” which was his first appearance on the professional stage. In the year 2018 Diego Tinoco achieved his big breakthrough when he was selected to be the character Cesar Diaz for the acclaimed Netflix show “On My Block.” The show is about 4 friends who struggle through the challenges that come with growing up South Central Los Angeles. The sophisticated and charming depiction of Cesar Diaz by Tinoco hit a chord with viewers from all over the world.

Diego Tinoco

“On My Block” helped Diego Tinoco become well-known, and his career began to take off. Tinoco was able to get parts in movies such as “Bad Hombres” (2023) and “Knights of the Zodiac” (2023) in addition to other films that proved his acting skills and talent. His roles on the television program “Hailey’s on It!” (2023) as well as “Teen Wolf” (2016) made him a household name as an emerging star.

Diego is a well-known TikTok popular for his lip-sync and POV video. He has 4.8 million users and over 106 millions views to the TikTok account. Diego’s most popular video has more than 33 million views and six million likes.

Net Worth

In November 2023, the net worth of Diego Tinoco was $2 million. Diego has earned this through his acting career as well as TV shows. He has made use of his fame to earn income from sponsorships on social media and brand endorsements in addition to his screen successes. He has worked with a variety of businesses, including Chipotle, AT&T, and Puma to advertise their products and services.

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Personal Life

Diego Tinoco was born on 25 November 1997 in Anaheim, California. He was born into a firmly Christian family. Victor Hugo Tinoco Calvillo, Diego’s father is a Mexican immigrant who came to Mexico. But his mother originates from Colombia.

Since the age of a child, Tinoco has been interested in acting and modeling. After finishing his graduate studies, Diego enrolled in 321 Acting Studios to continue his acting training. Diego has a girlfriend and is working on his professional career.

Other Social Media Presence


Diego Tinoco launched his Instagram account in the year 2011. Diego Tinoco is known for his candid photos and red carpet appearances that he shares on the Instagram page. He has accumulated 2.4 million fans on his page.


Diego Tinoco

Diego Tinoco launched his YouTube channel in the year 2019. By the year 2023 Diego is subscribed to more than 47K and has 1.2 million viewers. Diego posted his first video about four years ago. The video is a brief reel that chronicles his journey.

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Diego’s Popular TikTok videos

This TikTok clip, Diego is in a press conference.

The video below TikTok video, a live action scene was being shot.

The video below TikTok clip, Diego is giving a turkey to a stranger during Thanksgiving.

In the following TikTok clip, Diego talks about the times he was thinking of becoming an actor.

This TikTok film, Diego is sharing his journey from his first apartment to his first movie premier.

This TikTok clip, Diego responds to questions from some of his fans.


Q What is the value of Diego Tinoco?

A: The value of the net assets owned by Diego Tinoco is $2 million.

Q: How old is Diego Tinoco?

Q: Diego Tinoco is 26 years old when 2023 rolls around.

Q: What Netflix series created Diego famous?

A One of them is the “On My Block” Netflix series has made Diego famous.

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